Monique fine-tuned her negotiation skills while a fashion buyer in Europe, just one of the professions she pursued before finding her niche in real estate. Her main philosophy around negotiation is you have to be fearless. She has proven time and again when you go in wanting everyone to be a winner, you achieve brilliant results.

Monique soon discovered real estate gets into your blood. Some time ago it ceased being a job and became a life. She appreciates being in a position to help clients and for her, the only measure of accomplishment is when she sells a property, and the process exceeded the clients expectations. As an Australian immigrant, Monique has worked very hard to build relationships and make connections. Building trust has been fundamental to her success. 

Although she is comfortable in the fashion capitals of Europe, Monique is equally at home foraging for mushrooms in the forests of Macedon and Daylesford. She’s always enjoyed the competitive hunt for the ideal species of mushroom, even to the point of finding it ‘thrilling’. This ability to chase, and patience to wait for the perfect result has been extremely beneficial for Monique’s real estate clients who appreciate the unique and cultured person she is. 

Since her commencement in real estate in 2009, she has had an unrivalled focus on success and has handled every listing with a high degree of dedication and passion. “ I feel honoured to work with the clients I sell for and to be part of a leadership brand with aligned business ethics, integrity and a like mindedness in the way they conduct business.

Read a case study showcasing Monique's successful property marketing of 16 Webb Lane, East Melbourne.


South Yarra

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