My Philosophy
Weʼre in a relationship business, itʼs about emotion and we need to guide people through the experience.

Grant Samuel understands the enormous impact a real estate agent can make on our lives. Personally going through the process helped him appreciate what truly resonates with people. His outstanding success in the industry attests to this strong ability to relate to everyone he engages with.

Grant was previously involved in a sales and corporate marketing role within his own company. He earned the trust of some serious corporate heavy hitters and the qualities that were valued there - his integrity and belief in providing service - also ensured success once he made the transition to real estate.

Kay and Burton immediately recognised Grant’s abilities and it was no surprise when he won the company’s Rising Star Award followed by the 2017-2018 Top Salesperson of the Year.

Grant has an impressive work ethic and he believes having ‘a marketer’s eye’ offers a great advantage to his clients. People in Stonnington know him and importantly, speak well of him.

Married with three children, Grant knows the importance of community and the joy inherent in a close, family life.

Grant Samuel can be depended upon to work hard and ask the right questions. His unwavering commitment and formidable negotiating skills ensure strong results for his clients every time.

Read a case study detailing Grant's successful property marketing of 62 Rose St, Armadale.


South Yarra

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