My Philosophy
I grew up in Hawthorn and naturally, feel at home selling real estate in the area. I have a good understanding of its stories and its intricacies.

If Tim Picken had a mantra it would be ‘stop the sell’ He doesn’t believe in it and his relaxed presence reflects Kay and Burton’s approach to all communications with clients and purchasers.

Tim’s comfortable interaction with people has stood the test of time and he is considered a leader in the real estate industry. He’s known success as a real estate agent since he was 20 years old and was recently awarded Kay and Burton’s top sales performer two years in a row.

Clients often turn into friends and while Tim is clear eyed about the ups and downs of the business, he believes he’s chosen a career that can genuinely help people.

HIs solid, loyal network has contributed significantly to the edge he provides his clients.

Tim’s main priority is being a great Dad to his twins, Benny and Lulu. Golf also occupies a place of considerable importance in his life. If the kids grow up loving golf, he’s got it made.

Tim Picken’s reputation as one of Melbourne’s finest real estate agents is continuously reinforced by outstanding results. He ‘stops the sell’ and starts a relationship. This personable approach aligned with vast experience benefits everyone in his sphere.



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