Tracy is a vital member of the dynamic Kay & Burton Brighton office, with more than $200 million sales of homes in the area in four years.

A successful businesswoman, Tracy has a deep understanding of the Bayside market and up-to-the minute knowledge of the foreign buyer market.

She is a fully qualified real estate agent who has lived in Bayside for 20 years, and knows what local and overseas buyers want in new homes or investment properties. Her extensive personal contacts, excellent bilingual communication, flexibility and well-honed negotiating skills allow her to deliver outstanding results for vendors and value for purchasers.

Born and university-educated in China, Tracy lived and worked in the United States, before coming to Australia and settling in Brighton. Before turning to real estate, she had her own successful business consultancy and was a migration agent, occupations that fuelled her interest in property. That interest became a passion as Tracy bought, renovated and sold several homes in the area.

Married to an American and the mother of a teenage son, Jack, Tracy enjoys travel, singing, cooking, reading and keeping fit. As she continues to sell the unique Bayside lifestyle, Tracy sees good potential for major growth in up-market residential properties in the area.



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