For Tamara Uzelac, real estate is much more than property. It is also a people business.

Tamara, a senior property manager at Kay & Burton’ s Brighton office, understands that excellent communication skills, great customer service and relationship-building are fundamental to success.

She recognises that managing a landlord’s properties is a huge responsibility and her role is  to work closely with property owners to ensure their properties are strong investments. She manages more than 100 properties throughout Bayside where her responsibilities include sourcing tenants, rent reviews, maintenance and dispute resolution.

Excelling in the soft skills of conflict resolution, problem solving and articulating an issue clearly and compassionately, Tamara is very knowledgeable about building and maintenance issues.

With a love of architecture, design and renovation, she is also well placed to help clients with property improvements and design ideas.

Born in Europe, Tamara grew up in Bayside and still calls it home. Whenever she gets the chance, she loves to travel. Experiencing different cultures, people’s way of life and exciting new food are a huge part of her life.



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