The Kay & Burton Foundation was created to formalise the philanthropic endeavours of Kay & Burton, its employees, clients and partners.

The foundation aligns with the belief that ‘everyone deserves a sanctuary’.  For some a home is a sanctuary when it becomes a place for peaceful reflection, entertainment or special family moments.

For many the basic needs of safety, security and shelter are required for their home to be a sanctuary. St Kilda Mums and Kids Under Cover are dedicated to this cause and the Kay & Burton Foundation is honoured to partner with them in their quest.

St Kilda Mums:

St Kilda Mums is an organisation built around the mission of providing safety, opportunity and dignity for children and families in Victoria. They work with a wide network of existing social service agencies to rehome, recycle, reuse and repurpose essential nursery equipment such as highchairs, car seats and cots, as well as toiletries, linen, toys and books, to support families experiencing hardship.

St Kilda Mums relies strongly on the generosity of volunteers who donate their free time to the cause. Not only does the organisation provide parents in need with equipment that enables them to sufficiently care for their babies and small children, but it also prevents good quality items from going into landfill.

As demonstrated in the St Kilda Mums “impact tree”, especially throughout a year of lockdowns, the effect of simple donations is tremendous. Across their network, the total value of items rehomed from July 2020- June 2021 totalled $7,385,320 and supported 19,140 babies and children in a time of need. The act of donating one’s everyday items, or making a financial contribution, can have a tremendously positive impact on a struggling family, helping them to feel supported by their community, worthy and more confident that they can safely care for their child.

Kids Under Cover:

Kids Under Cover (KUC) is an organization whose focus is early intervention and prevention of youth homelessness. To achieve this, Kids Under Cover provides accommodation in the form of studios and education scholarships to young people aged 12 – 25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The organization’s unique solution sees relocatable studios built in the backyard of a family or carers home. Each studio comprises one or two bedrooms and a bathroom, providing a much-needed place of solace and refuge for young people who are experiencing hardship and challenges, and a secure and stable environment, a basic human essential that is often overlooked.

As well as donations, Kids Under Cover’s Donate Your Car program offers the opportunity to rethink how you can support a great cause. When considering trading in your used car, think again. Offering a used, unwanted vehicle to KUC is a fast, easy alternative to the prolonged stress of selling. Not to mention it is tax deductible and preventing young people becoming homeless.

Kids Under Cover is a forward thinking, innovative organization responding to the many and complex needs of young people at risk. Recently announcing the opening of their Preston Village21, this unique, “first of its kind” model aims to provide six young adults exiting Out of Home Care a community to live and thrive, enabling them a second chance to get back on their feet at a crucial time in their lives.

St Kilda Mums Giving Day

The Kay & Burton Foundation is proud to support St Kilda Mums and on Giving Day - Thursday 9 June - we are asking for your support too! The best bit is that when you donate on or before Thursday 9 June, your donation will be TRIPLED thanks to generous matching partners, so that's triple the impact!

Click here to donate

St Kilda Mums volunteer days are what enable the organisation to sort through the donated items daily. Organising and categorising the donated items is critical to ensure Victorian families, children, and mums in need receive their items efficiently. If you are interested in donating your time to an amazing cause, see our link below.

Volunteer day information

Learn more about the Kay & Burton Foundation and its inaugural partnering charities, St Kilda Mums and Kids Under Cover.


Foundation FAQs

What is the Kay & Burton Foundation?

The Kay & Burton Foundation was created to formalise the philanthropic endeavours for Kay & Burton employees, clients and its beneficiaries.

The Kay & Burton Foundation pledges to align its philanthropic endeavours with causes associated with the feeling of ‘Home’.

‘Home’ is more than a significant asset; it holds memories, the most important life experiences and a sanctuary for families and individuals. ‘Home’ also provides the most basic needs of security, safety, peace, rest and warmth.

How will the Kay & Burton Foundation be managed? 

The Kay & Burton Foundation will operate under its own Board.

  • Louise Opie (Chair)
  • Peter Kudelka
  • Chloe White
  • Herb Fischbacher

Seed funding of $100,000 has been provided the Kay & Burton Group to the Foundation for the 2021/22 year, as well as an ongoing amount of $100 from every sale it makes, from the company’s share.

Who are Kids Under Cover? 

Kids Under Cover is a not-for-profit organisation established to aid with the intervention and prevention of youth homelessness. The charity’s unique solution is to provide housing and education to those aged between 12-25 that are "either already homeless or at risk of homelessness". The organisation’s accommodation solution aims to create a sense of stability in the youth’s life, with relocatable studios predominantly built in the backyard of a family member or carer’s home. Kids Under Cover’s mission has been aiding those at risk for over 30 years with the help of monetary and tangible donations including education scholarships.

Who are St Kilda Mums?

St Kilda Mums is a Victorian organisation built around the mission of providing "safety, opportunity and dignity for children and families". Working and supporting existing social services, and generous volunteers to rehome, recycle, reuse and repurpose as much essential nursery equipment as possible to further support those in need. St Kilda mums have a strong base of community volunteers that offer their time to sort through equipment and goods donations and ensuring the organisation provides good quality items that meet stringent criteria to families in need rather than them going into landfill and families going without.

Why did the Kay & Burton Foundation choose to partner with Kids Under Cover and St Kilda Mums? 

Both chosen organisations, St Kilda Mums and Kids Under Cover have the same overarching, established values as the Kay & Burton Foundation. These being that ‘everyone deserves a sanctuary’ and a place to call home. They also provided opportunities for K&B employees to volunteer their own time to provide much needed help. The alignment of core values solidified the Foundation’s wish to partner with them.

How do i donate to the Kay & Burton Foundation? 

Please use the below account to donate to the Kay & Burton Foundation:

Kay & Burton Foundation

BSB: 083 004

Acc #: 775 182 903

Reference: (Please include your name)

Please email confirmation to so we can reply with a tax receipt for your records.

Where does the money donated go?

The money donated goes to the Kay & Burton Foundation, who in turn support Kids Under Cover and St Kilda Mums continue their excellent work in the community.

How do i donate specifically to one organisation? 

To donate exclusively to one of the organisations, simply choose the specific organisation link as shown below.

St Kilda Mums

Kids Under Cover

Do I need to be a client or previous client of Kay & Burton to donate? 

No, anyone can donate, regardless of their relationship with Kay & Burton, or any of the partnered organisations.

What is the best way for me to share my donations with others to encourage more donations? 

The best way to share/publicise your donation to further spread and support the work of the partnered organisations, is to post about it on social media.

When you post about the donation on your social media account, be sure to include this link “” directly to our website to further encourage more donations.

As well as this using the hashtag #K&BFoundation is a great way to further spread the word.

How can i volunteer my time to the Kay & Burton Foundation & its partners? 

The Kay & Burton Foundation will be organising the ability to volunteer your time with St Kilda Mum’s commencing early 2022. St Kilda Mum’s rely on volunteers to be able to operate and hence you donating your time is a great way to contribute.

Please contact Peter Kudelka,, to register your interest.

Is there a minimum amount I need to donate? 

There is no minimum amount to donate, all donations are welcomed and appreciated.

As well as monetary donations both organisations appreciate and accept tangible items such as:

St Kilda Mums:

  • Highchairs
  • Car Seats
  • Cots
  • Toiletries
  • Linen
  • Toys
  • Books

For more information see here.

Kids Under Cover:

  • Furniture (couches, fridges, chairs, tables, bedroom side tables etc)
  • Used roadworthy cars

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