Dreams are very powerful experiences. They are capable of connecting the past with the future, memories with aspirations and synthesising them into present-day action. The creation of the homewares brand Zoobibi is a living example of this. Zoobibi began as a dream to combine the soul-soaring feelings associated with travel and adventure into people’s daily lives, thus providing a source of joy, storytelling and intrigue into each and every day and thereby making this process simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary. It is a brand that stimulates all six senses – thought being the sixth sense, of course – by providing an eclectic mix of the exotic beauty of Asian artisan wares and the energy of Middle Eastern marketplaces.

Essentially, Zoobibi was created to celebrate and encourage uniqueness, specifically in regards to creating personal spaces. This was achieved via an 18-month search during which treasures reflecting the brand’s ethos were sought and found among a network of family-run factories in remote locations across the globe. Genuine supplier connections were cemented through a combination of laughter and shared humanity, and these connections bolstered and enlivened the brand by providing a story for each individual product. Though the range is exclusive, the world of Zoobibi is most definitely not. The sole requirement to enter into this wholesome inclusivity is a healthy sense of self, a simple confidence in what one likes and the willingness to celebrate and explore one’s personal style enroute to the realisation of the ultimate dream space – the space in which peace, tranquillity, inspiration and wonder all play equal roles.

Zoobibi Showroom, Hawthorn


Zoobibi Showroom, Hawthorn


Zoobibi Showroom, Hawthorn


Speaking of dream spaces, the Zoobibi vision materialised with the discovery of a unique building at 646 Burwood Road, Hawthorn East. The building was quickly seized and stripped back to its original bones and then subjected to a six-month renovation. Upon completion, the Zoobibi dream was finally brought to life. The intention behind the space is to deliver the retail theatre and drama of yesteryear. As such, the main showroom transports customers to an exotic, otherworldly destination. Moorish-inspired archways connect the various cells within the space, punctuated by colour bursts throughout. There is even a home kitchen located in the heart of the showroom, complemented by a courtyard and relaxing water fountain. This is the place to unwind, refuel, converse and escape – yet another dimension of the Zoobili adventure. Try the Persian baked eggs, baked in smoky beans, lentils and chickpeas and served with sujuk – a dry, spicy, fermented sausage – and pita bread. For something a bit more substantial, choose the 12-hour slow-cooked Moroccan lamb accompanied by a cous cous, kale and cauliflower salad with sumac-dusted yoghurt. Of course, for some, champagne embodies breakfast, lunch AND dinner. If this is you, know that enjoying a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut Resèrve NV is well within your reach.

Once refreshment has been finalised, it is time to once again re-engage with the collection of furniture, art and homewares that captures the eye and the heart. Zoobibi offers the opportunity to play, to remix and to re/discover one’s personal, unique style. It also offers, through its diverse product range, an opportunity to celebrate and connect with the local multicultural community. Zoobibi proudly supports the local not-for-profit organisation SisterWorks, an organisation that encourages women with migrant, asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds to become financially independent and to become fully and happily settled in Australia. An extension of this program provides these women with skills training in areas such as social media, retail operations and visual merchandising. Ultimately, Zoobibi understands that celebrating the beauty of culture and diversity in our local community equates to celebrating the beauty of culture and diversity on a worldwide scale. In other words, contributing positively and constructively locally creates comparable ripples globally. That is the reality. Zoobibi awaits your arrival with open arms. Celebrate the improvement of self and the improvement of others, the best of both worlds.  

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