Simplicity, in general, often leads to a swift and direct ability to focus which, in turn, possesses the ability to lead to a wholesome and genuine peace of mind. With peace of mind, an individual can engage the powers of creativity and imagination, leading ultimately to a headspace that is distraction free and limitless, where the possibilities are truly endless. At White Story, a clothing boutique located at 1022 High Street, Armadale, simplicity has been transformed into an artform. White Story is, in fact, “The Art of Simplicity”. To what focus has this artistic simplicity led? As its name suggests, White Story was born from the single focus on one of fashion’s most popular hall-of-famers – the white shirt and its “quintessential practicality”. 

Founded in 2016 by Fiona Myer, who also serves as creative director, White Story offers chapters of ready-to-wear clothing, as well as bespoke tailoring. More specifically, however, White Story offers an alternative to the current ubiquitous fast-paced and throwaway-focussed fashion cycles. All of White Story’s garments are designed, cut and patterned in its Projects of Imagination-designed warehouse in Cremorne and then sewn and detailed by a collection of local artisans throughout Melbourne. These garments are meticulously crafted, slowly, guided by an unsurpassed attention to detail and represent an homage to the finest in Australian craftsmanship. For Fiona, simplicity is more than an artform, even. It is the philosophy upon which she has built this bastion of practicality and versatility which utilises the humble white shirt as a canvas, of sorts, a canvas which comes alive with Fiona’s brushstrokes of creativity, leading to a product that is simultaneously timeless and intergenerational. As Myer has stated,  “White represents the spaces in between, creating room to dream.” Furthermore, these dreams have created products that are patiently created one chapter at a time.

Delving into White Story’s current collection, those unfamiliar with the brand will have their eyes pleasantly and surprisingly opened to the many and varied ways in which the simple white shirt may be re-invented. Take, for example, the Natayla Shirt. It is fabricated from beautiful, durable and sustainable 100% organic cotton and designed with a slim-fit shape and waistline detail. A standard shirt collar adorned with a double-button collar stand provides traditional structure around the neck, as does the single-button cuff around the wrists. The Natalya is available in both white and navy – surprise, surprise! Next, consider the Adelphi Shirt, an adaptation of White Story’s classic Olympia Dress. The Adelphi has been fashioned with a mandarin collar, corset-style waist, high-low hemline, white shell buttons, as well as both pleated detailing and cuff detailing. Upon meeting Adelphi, the reality of simplicity as art becomes overwhelmingly apparent. Joining the Natayla and Adelphi models in the current shirt chapter include the Cristina, Fifi, Glennys X, Boa, Elle, Betsy, Masquerade, Freya, Biennale – an unparalleled PJ shirt – and the Ksenia. A special Japanese cotton and an ultra-luxurious Italian cotton pique are among the materials which bring these shirts to life. If there still exists the slim chance that your jaw has not quite yet hit the floor, White Story’s practical and timeless collection is further adorned with linen boiler suits, as well as the Lounge Capsule range. In partnership with Greening Australia, White Story donates $5 per Lounge piece purchased. These donations help support a variety of planting projects across the country.

If simplicity, practicality, versatility and sheer artistic beauty are elements with which you wish to inject your wardrobe – and your daily life, really – find your way to White Story. This boutique will literally transform the way you see and relate with fashion. It will help you to focus on the few, not the many, and to relieve yourself of the many potential distractions associated with dressing for the precise occasion. Most importantly, maybe, White Story and its founder and creative director, Fiona Myer, will nurture your imagination and creativity so that you, too, may transform something as simple as a white shirt into your own artistic canvas.

Natalya Shirt (Image Source: White Story)

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Adelphi Shirt (Image Source: White Story)

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