The Eighth by Crema – Don’t miss this immersive experience

It’s extremely rare to see a display suite as sophisticated as the one produced for The Eighth by Crema. Located at 8 Palmerston Crescent in Melbourne’s Domain Precinct, the two-storey suite, bathed in pink neon light, has been a drawcard for those searching for their new apartment since it was unveiled last year. The suite will shortly be coming down (mid-April when construction commences). “It’s one of these experiences that you don’t want to miss,” says Damon Krongold, Director of Projects at Kay & Burton. “It’s a holistic experience, and the level of detail is truly exceptional. It reflects on the quality and the craftsmanship of Crema,” he adds.

Unlike many of the standard display suites aligned with new apartments, here there’s an immersive experience designed to give future residents insight to what life will be like at The Eighth. The two key elements include the main gallery showcasing the project’s inspiration and key pillars, and a fully fit out residence designed by Miriam Fanning of Mim Design. The Eighth’s unique private lobby and direct lift feature has been created in the display residence to simulate the feeling of arriving home. “The lifts have been designed so that once you press the button, it takes you straight to your apartment’s private lobby without stopping on other floors,” says Krongold.

At the $1.65-$1.95 million price point for expansive quarter floor 128 square-metre residences (heading north of $3.95 million for half floor 253-square-metre apartments), those coming through appreciate the level of detail and importantly, experience. “This market wants to see how their furniture will look in this space. They realise when they walk through that there won’t be the need for excessive de-cluttering when it comes to moving out of the family home,” says Krongold, who doesn’t expect this calibre of display suite to be repeated any time soon. “This was a unique offering, where there was a free-standing building that provided Crema with the opportunity to create something truly unique.”

Although walking through the actual dimensions of a space provides an important experience of what can be expected, such a suite, complete with joinery and finishes including carpets and fabrics, takes the experience to a higher level. How could one possibly imagine what the ‘clothes horse’, a distinctive brass fixture for hanging bathrobes and towels, could look like from a picture? “Great design needs to be experienced, touched and seen first-hand,” says Krongold, who enjoys seeing the reaction from people entering for the first time. “Their eyes immediately light up.”

By investing strongly in the display suite, Crema was also able to demonstrate the high standard of building from the outset. Taking up the ground floor with a café and wine bar, together with retaining ownership of the lower four levels for commercial office space also signposted Crema‘s own investment in this project. “This isn’t a quick turnaround development. It’s for the long term, which you can see in the time, the effort and the cost,” says Krongold.

Those who have already signed contracts include many who are scaling down from family homes, with weekenders on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. They’ve been attracted by the location, a stone’s throw from the Royal Botanic Gardens and the city, as much as the amenities being offered at The Eighth (a European inspired day spa and an executive lounge together with a rooftop swimming pool and bar. “It’s a work-life balance that was the attraction from the outset,” says Krongold, pointing out the co-working spaces offered. “A business can either scale up or down, without worrying about long-term leases.” And with body corporate fees less than one would expect ($6,900 per year for a quarter floor), many are asking why they didn’t respond sooner. Maybe it was just that there wasn’t anything, quite like The Eighth until now.

For those who haven’t experienced The Eighth by Crema, time is running out, at least until the development comes to completion. Experience, enjoy and luxuriate in what’s to come, before this extraordinary suite disappears.

Images courtesy ​​​​​​​of The Eighth

Images courtesy ​​​​​​​of The Eighth

Images courtesy ​​​​​​​of The Eighth

Images courtesy ​​​​​​​of The Eighth

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