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At the risk of sounding like a master of the obvious, what you put in your body is important. As a matter of fact, whether consciously or unconsciously, how you choose to physically nourish yourself on a daily basis is the most crucial decision you will make. For, only through proper care and attention will the human body be capable of functioning at an optimal level. Furthermore, without maintaining an optimal level of physical functioning, the entire notion of holistic health is but a pipedream. In other words, the foundation of holistic health is physical health, plainly and simply. Logic dictates that high-quality food results in maximum nourishment which, of course, results in maximum potential physical health. Logic also dictates that nutrient-dense food is, hands down, the single most important item on which you should spend your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, the industrial food complex and those outfits which promote it have convinced people for years that eating should be approached frugally, that feeding yourself should somehow always include a degree of money saving. Needless to say, this is faulty logic and is something that has directly contributed to widespread poor health outcomes. Fret not, however, as choices can always be reconsidered and habits changed, even revolutionised. Hawthorn’s The Common Good is very happy to be an inner-city part of this growing food revolution.

Located at 394 Burwood Road, The Common Good is a local, independent grocer that is owned by a husband-wife-toddler team who values ethical and organic eating. The business model is straightforward: “We are normalising the cost of food and introducing you to the people who make it, grow it and produce it.” The owners, who also live in close proximity to the store, are committed to ethical and Fair Trade principles in the organic and whole food space. The overall goal is to reacquaint people with shopping locally, eating organically and sustainably and expanding the conversation to ethical living and integrity-based business. This entails attending markets, interacting with growers, farmers and suppliers and researching and getting to know all of the people and companies behind the products sold.

Wife, mother and business owner Meneka is passionate about working to mainstream ethical consumption and striving to give her customers the opportunity to make wholly conscious decisions in regards to personal health. For example, mindless wandering punctuated by throwing items into a trolley because three are cheaper than two – despite the likelihood that only one is necessary – is most definitely not the vibration at The Common Good. She believes that the only way to communally build a business is to give generously. Being a mother, Meneka also believes that one of the single most important decisions she makes for her daughter relates to what she feeds her each and every meal. Establishing healthy eating patterns at a young age is important for children, and Meneka embraces this wholeheartedly. Finally, the entire The Common Good family realises that customers are perpetually exercising choice in regards to where they spend their money, so it is with immense gratitude that Meneka and her team welcome both regulars and first-timers, alike.

As The Common Good works tirelessly to more widely accommodate the local community, home delivery is coming soon for households and businesses in Hawthorn, Kew and Richmond. Delicious, nutritious boxes of fresh organic fruit and/or vegetables – as well as organic, free-range eggs – will be available and capable of nourishing a family of four for up to a week. All produce is seasonal, meaning local supply chains and the rhythms of the land are honoured and affect the available stock. For example, cooler months are marked by a more limited variety of fruit. Regardless of the season, however, home-delivery customers are guaranteed to receive a parcel of nutrient-rich produce. This is a very quick and convenient way to join the “real food” revolution and start prioritising your physical health. Remember, kindness given to yourself is kindness given to others. Also remember, you are what you eat…literally.    

The Common Good, Hawthorn


The Common Good, Hawthorn


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