Toorak Road, South Yarra, has been elevated by another notch with the arrival of The Bespoke Corner Tailors. Operating in Sydney’s Paddington for the last eight years, the Melbourne arm follows in bringing the art of tailoring to a discerning audience. Founded by Miles Wharton, who saw a need for a more premium offering in the luxury end of the market, this store is appealing to gents from their early 20s to older chaps into their 90s. “There isn’t really a target market, at least in terms of age. I recently helped a 92-year-old find the trousers he was looking for,” says Michele Boutin, director of operations in Melbourne.

The store, located towards the Punt Road end of Toorak Road, offers a secluded enclave. Darky and moody, the virtually black interior creates a neutral backdrop for the suits, jackets, trousers and accessories on display (the latter being the only items for direct purchase). “I had a gentleman recently wanting to buy the suit displayed in the front window. It took a while to explain that this was a sample, for display only,” says Boutin, who sends off the customer’s order to be made overseas, either to workshops in Tuscany, Italy (a hand finish), or alternatively to China. Boutin and his team generally take a full hour discussing and measuring up, followed by a second meeting for fitting and occasionally a third if required. Whether it’s a suit, an overcoat or even more casual clothing such as chinos or short-sleeved shirts, the same attention to detail is applied.

For this summer men steered away from the grey suit and enjoyed thumbing through the extensive greens, sages and olives in the many sample books. Aqua, teals and blues were also popular, as were amber and reds, many emanating from English and Italian mills. The Bespoke Corner Tailors also transformed light wool, wools and silks, together with a range of linens. For winter Boutin is seeing a darker and slightly richer palette of colours, including darker forest greens, burgundy and earthier tones. “It’s no longer prescriptive. We’re seeing as many people wanting to wear chinos to work, as well as the three piece suit, with often the younger clientele preferring the latter”, says Boutin.

The company also has a policy of not saying ‘no’ to a client wanting something made that’s slightly left of centre. Even gold chains positioned inside of pockets can be addressed. “No detail is left unaddressed,” says Boutin, who occasionally makes house visit to clients to ascertain what’s either missing from the wardrobe or alternatively how the new purchase will tie in with existing clothing. “It’s important to have balance, whether it’s looking at a wardrobe or looking at the width of lapels,” says Boutin, who understands the need for proportion.

While a customised suit starts with an hour’s consultation, the finished product can take approximately six weeks to arrive, Starting at $1,000 for a suit and reaching between $30,000 and $40,000 for a top end number, often including fabric produced by Dormeuil, it’s understandable that getting every detail exact from the outset is paramount.

“I’m focused on ‘a sense of ‘embetterment’. You can see that feeling when a client tries on his suit for the first time and takes a look in the mirror. You can see that pride,” adds Boutin.

The Bespoke Corner Tailors is located at 24 Toorak Road, South Yarra

Ph: 03 8375 7042

Image courtesy of The Bespoke Corner & Hugh Davies photography

The Bespoke Corner x GQ @hughdaviesphoto

The Bespoke Corner x GQ @hughdaviesphoto

The Bespoke Corner x GQ @hughdaviesphoto

The Bespoke Corner x Kennedy @hughdaviesphoto

The Bespoke Corner x Kennedy @hughdaviesphoto

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