For an astonishing 25 years, The Ark Clothing Co. has traded and grown on two simple founding principles – design and integrity, the latter of which is not something that is often associated with the fashion industry in this day and age. Proudly designed and made in Melbourne, The Ark’s wares reflect a community of like-minded individuals – both employees and customers – whose passions of design, beauty and ethics guide them on their daily journey. The Ark’s talented team of 70 has created a brand that, in 2012, was awarded ethical accreditation by Ethical Clothing Australia, meaning that all staff – from farmers, weavers and cutters to designers and manufacturers, and everyone in between – is providing its customers with clothing that is produced within a wholly ethical supply chain. The Ark understands the simple dynamic that what it does affects people and the surrounding environment, that its choice to ethically produce clothing for equally ethically minded clients is a constructive one, one that is very possible and very sustainable. The Ark has bucked trends and been patient, forgoing the allure of the quick dollar and widespread notoriety in exchange for feeling proud and confident of its pieces, and has also managed to build one of Melbourne’s iconic cult fashion labels along the way.

Try these on for size. First, consider the Cascade Shirt. This shirt is a classic and sophisticated button-through style, complete with a full-length sleeve and cuff. It also features an amazing attention-to-detail point of difference by offering a back pleat for enhanced movement. Joining these structural attributes is an exclusive and soothing cloud print that was devised by The Ark’s in-house graphic artist. The material? Silk, obviously. This small-run limited-edition shirt is as versatile as it is comfortable and will instantly become a wardrobe staple. Next, set your sights on a dress that is beautiful in its simplicity, the Eve Slip Dress. The Eve has a soft scooped neckline, slender straps and is constructed of a slightly textured stretch fabric that allows for an ultra-comfortable fit. This is the perfect layering piece and can be easily maintained with a gentle hand wash. Add to these articles a wide selection of jackets, tops, pants, knitwear, tunics, denim, shoes and accessories and you immediately have a wardrobe for all seasons, all occasions and all emotions, as stylish and beautiful as they are versatile.

Visit The Ark - in-store or online. Engage The Ark. Support The Ark. Become part of The Ark community. In doing so, you will make a difference, a significant difference and an immediate difference. This company is a diamond in the fashion world rough and has proven and continues to prove that doing the right thing does not require compromise. As a matter of fact, their core values of beauty, design, ethics, sustainability and helping women to feel good about themselves are values that are imbued with style through and through. And, as we all know, style is never out of fashion.

The Cascade Shirt

The Eve Slip Dress

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