Stylerunner is the number one destination for your active lifestyle, blending fashion and function to elevate the seemingly mundane to the level of extraordinary. Specifically, Stylerunner offers a meticulously edited range of global and local brands and curated collections and delivers what is new and fresh in its own unique way, fitting seamlessly into your life, not merely your look. Whether you are running fast or running late, skipping rope or skipping town, getting fit or getting brunch, Stylerunner will ensure that you are appropriately attired. Furthermore, the team behind the business understands that life, in general, is about balance – one could even call it integration – and the fruition of this balance results in feeling good whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Stylerunner’s raison d’être is to ensure that each customer feels both seen and heard. As such, the company strives to connect with its clientele to understand and appreciate that a change of sneaker can literally change one’s day, that fitness and fashion go hand in hand, that when you feel comfortable, you feel confident and that between work and workouts, Pilates and playtime, life is busy and requires head-to-toe looks that are, more than anything, versatile. Simply stated, Stylerunner is all about the customer – that is, all about you.

At the core of its ethos, Stylerunner excels in serving up the freshest of freshest trends. Each and every piece – on the site, in your cart and in store – is handpicked by an experienced team of stylists. Why is this important? Well, for example, it means that you can spend less time scrolling online and more time wearing your chosen article/s with unquestioned confidence. Rest assured, the stylists’ standards are as high as a post-workout heart rate and/or a Sunday morning group chat. Additionally, new arrivals land nearly daily, resulting in an ongoing refreshing of everyday wardrobe inspiration. Via elevated and curated trend edits, styling and wholesome looks featuring favourite brands from around the globe, Stylerunner offers not only what to wear but how to wear it. Some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as the latest, most stylish emerging sportswear labels – the sources of the vast, yet tailored, collection – include Birkenstock, New Balance, Tretorn, Veja, ASICS, 2XU, Girlfriend Collective, Heroine Sport, skincare range The Travelista and ingestible wellness pioneers Welleco, a company founded in 2014 by Elle Macpherson as the result of her own personal wellness journey and discoveries. At the end of the day, this is a collection which supports its clientele by helping them to reach their fitness goals in style and to nail their “athleisure” goals with ease.

It is also very much worth noting that during “the global curveball of 2020”, Stylerunner donned its innovation cap and launched its very own online health club. The Stylerunner Health Club delivers weekly exciting, motivating and relevant health and wellbeing content in the form of workouts and nutritious recipes via social media platform Instagram. The content is created and presented by leading trainers, instructors, dieticians, general health experts and artists. Designed to inspire and connect the community in its collective pursuit of physical, mental and emotional evolution, the Stylerunner Health Club is free and available to all via IGTV @Stylerunner. Feeling good while looking good is the perfect integration of health and fashion, of fashion and function. Allow Stylerunner to help you with this integration, thereby elevating your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Visit their boutiques at 1152-1154 High Street, Armadale, and 54 Church Street, Brighton.

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Stylerunner, Armadale

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