“We appreciate the desire for beautiful, considered clothing and strive to make conscious living an essential luxury.”

In 2015, a clothing company was born of the intuitive desire to create a brand that explores the intersection of luxury, conscious living and philanthropy. This company, exotically named Silk Laundry, could be described as a family of individual thinkers who have been brought together under the vision of Creative Director and Founder Katie Kolodinski. All of the pieces in the Silk Laundry collection have been designed with the intention that they are immune to the whimsical influence of trends and the inevitability of time. Furthermore, each garment is thoughtfully created to complement and update already-cherished staples, thereby upholding the brand’s ultimate vision of customer enjoyment and appreciation. With roots in Canada, a team in Australia and collaborators in Spain, Silk Laundry has organically evolved into an international brand and this internationalism informs its aesthetic. The result is an organisation consisting of a global family that designs and manufactures beautiful clothing, clothing appropriate for all climates and all occasions. Kolodinski has ensured that quality and care remain at the forefront of every task her team performs, all the while focusing on timeless styles that incorporate classical innovation. It is no surprise, then, that Silk Laundry garments are made to be worn – and worn repeatedly – throughout an entire lifetime.

To Kolodinski, sustainability and taking responsibility for her company’s environmental footprint are of the utmost importance. As a result of the intention to perpetually decrease its carbon footprint, the Silk Laundry path to sustainability is very much a work in progress. The evolution of its short- and long-term sustainability goals moves in the direction of new partnerships and liaising with craftspeople in local communities, as well as creating capsule collections in collaboration with organisations working against animal endangerment, environmental disasters and overall social injustice. The first stage, if you will, contains three primary sustainability goals: to eliminate the use of plastics, to implement more organic and recycled materials throughout the entire supply chain and to use natural dyes derived from plants. In its quest to complete this first stage, Silk Laundry has recently fulfilled what is called the B Impact Assessment and is working towards becoming a certified B Corporation.

Silk Laundry, Armadale


Silk Laundry, Armadale


Silk Laundry, Armadale


Silk Laundry has implemented specific guiding principles in order to achieve the above sustainability goals. These include, but are not limited to, working to understand all supply chain aspects – that is, precisely who is manufacturing the clothing and the environment in which it is being manufactured – constantly questioning and challenging the societal and environmental impacts of the company’s processes and, generally speaking, making changes to challenge the status quo. By challenging the status quo, that incumbent sphere of blind acceptance of and compliance with often destructive patterns, Silk Laundry is attempting to transform environmentally unfriendly conditions into ones that directly contribute to a positive impact. This is quite admirable, not to mention desperately necessary, to say the very least. Katie Kolodinski sums it up perfectly: “We are a business but we are made up of people, and like you, we are affected by the health and wellbeing of our world. While we may not know you personally, we appreciate the desire for beautiful, considered clothing and strive to make conscious living an essential luxury.” As well, for those of you who at times struggle to see the forest for the trees, purchasing clothing made from natural fibres, like silk, is a genuine act of benevolence towards the global community. Not only are you assisting and supporting commercial environmental sustainability, but you are very much reducing your own carbon footprint. This is every bit of a win-win. Visit Silk Laundry at 1248 High Street, Armadale, and revel in the confidence that you are officially part of the solution.

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