The overwhelming majority of the time, our ultra-busy lives do not lend themselves to accomplishing particular goals in a swift, efficient, convenient and enjoyable manner. What realistically seems like a one- or two-hour job can extend to engulf an entire day. Even after this time commitment, the success rate varies wildly. Gift buying is one such goal. Hitting the pavement in the quest for that perfect something for that perfect someone – be it for Mum, Dad, the kids, a grandparent, spouse, sibling, friend or even for yourself – can quickly transform into the metaphorical wild goose chase and leave you feeling a bit frustrated and confused, at the very least. Well, if this description sounds all too familiar, then this experience is about to become a thing of the past. Welcome to Rose St. Trading Co.

Located at 1036 High Street, Armadale, since 2017 – though, its seed was planted in 2006 - Rose St. Trading Co. is your one-stop shop, gift-buying dream come true. It is where you will find a beautiful selection of fashion and accessories, furniture and lighting, decorative items, bath and body items, gifts for the men in your life, books and fine art, particularly paintings. This impressively eclectic collection is housed in a very simple, bright, light, well stocked space that exudes, generally speaking, a very positive vibration – a constructive energy, if you will. As a matter of fact, it is one of those rare retail spaces that truly inspires its visitors, not only through its wares but also through the way in which its wares are organised and presented. For example, you may be motivated to re-design your entire home after a mere initial visit. Add to that a very friendly and enthusiastic staff who makes you feel welcome and allows you to browse, investigate and discover uninterruptedly and you are fairly certain of having a memorable retail experience and of becoming a return customer.

It is worth mentioning some of the specific fashion offerings found within Rose St. Trading Co.’s diverse and numerous categories. For example, the Alessandra fashion label is currently commencing to roll out its new seasonal line. If knitwear is your thing, Alessandra will suit you well. Imagine trans-seasonal linen, cashmere and cotton-cashmere pieces. Add to that another local Australian label Binny’s For Love or Money Rugby Dress, and you are on your way to having the majority of the new seasonal basics sorted. In addition to knitwear and dresses, Rose St. Trading Co. will keep you busy perusing its selection of footwear, sleepwear, jewellery, scarves, handbags and wallets.

Gift buying for men – a particularly arduous and painful task even at the best of times – is made very simple and straightforward by Rose St. Trading Co. Sea Salt men’s grooming products rate very well among the clientele, as does the line of Royall eau de toilettes and aftershave lotions. The fragrances are traditional and include Vetiver, Lyme, Spyce and Bay Rhum. A selection of wallets, card holders, baseball caps, socks, ties and swim shorts round out the offerings for the worthy males in your life. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, though. As mentioned prior, the range from which to choose is truly astounding and it will have you reeling from the time of your arrival until your departure. Chances are a jewellery box is what you covet but a jewellery box, a set of sheets, a pair of boots and a bedside table are what you buy.

Isn’t it refreshing and relieving to know that the task of gift buying no longer has to be considered with anxiety, trepidation and, let’s be honest, dread? At Rose St. Trading Co., you will be welcomed, assisted, inspired, motivated, impressed and successful – SO successful. As a matter of fact, the rose pedal-laden path could become your be-all and end-all for all future special occasions requiring that perfect memento. Oh, yeah, if you are really lucky, your visit to Rose St. Trading Co. may include a visit with Franki, one of the cutest four-leggeds you will every lay eyes on.

Images courtesy of Rose St. Trading Co.

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