The current atmosphere of uncertainty has permeated all facets of our existence - physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and social. Like it or not, most likely not, this is the reality of the world at the moment. This reality, however, is not the end of the story. In fact, if approached with an open mind and a healthy sense of adventure, this seemingly undesirable state of affairs may be regarded as an opportunity, an opportunity to reignite those innate senses of creativity and adaptability in order to achieve an equally desirable result. For example, consider the idea of a holiday. It is painfully obvious that no-one will be jaunting overseas at any point in the near future. Even interstate travel is imbued with a degree of complication with which many do not wish to engage. Now, on the one hand, you could shelve the idea of a getaway altogether. On the other hand, you could reconnect with your very own treasure trove of cultural richness and diversity, with this fantastic and beautiful city that we all call home, Melbourne. The vehicle through which this reconnection may simply and easily occur may be described as the luxury staycation retreat. Cue the QT Melbourne.

Located at 133 Russell Street, this designer boutique accommodation will undoubtedly deliver an experience unlike any you can recollect. QT Melbourne is, by its own account, a “luxury landscape of industrial chic, low light and high fashion where rules are meant to be broken”. This is an urban oasis of the highest order. This is a scene accentuated by velvet detail, sultry soundscapes, architectural wonder and all of the beauty and engagement of contemporary art and design. The illustrative lobby is adorned by a moving-image artwork by Australian artist Lilli Waters. Entitled ‘Disenchantment of the World’, it was inspired by the very Abraham Mignon artwork which decorates the elevators. There is a magical quality to this inspiration, as well, as Waters was wholly unaware of Mignon’s presence in QT when she created this piece! Are you mesmerised yet? The momentum is building. It is now time to behold and investigate the room offerings.

In a word, QT rooms are sophisticated. As such, they are quintessentially Melbourne, as well. Guests are submerged in a stratosphere of design that toes the industrial divide, design that exudes an edgy essence and an effortless and punchy chic. Loft ceilings give way to comfort and relaxation amongst the creativity. To maximise the luxury of your getaway, book a Deluxe King room. These rooms occupy the higher floors of the hotel, ensuring impressive city views. Additionally, you will be treated to a king-sized bed, avant-garde furnishings, Kevin Murphy amenities and a bathroom finished in smooth industrial touches. Complimentary in-room movies, high-speed internet, coffee pods and Tippity Tea emphatically complete the settling-in process. As well, it is very much worth mentioning that if you, like many, are unable to leave home without the companionship of your four-legged friend, QT also offers dog-friendly Pup Yeah rooms. Believe it or not, these rooms – divulge at own risk! – are equipped with their very own in-room canine dining menu. 

If you are willing and able – truly able, considering the “hideaway” degree of comfort and privacy afforded by the rooms’ interiors – to exit your home away from home, you will be amply rewarded by the multi-dimensional nature of the QT compound. Make it a point to discover the Pascale Bar and Grill, the Rooftop Bar, the Secret Garden Bar, the Cake Shop, Hot Sauce Laneway and even – wait for it – Tanto, a handcrafted-Japanese-knife boutique. For those home chefs wishing to up the ante in the realm of kitchen cutlery, this is THE be-all and end-all. Where else in the entire country may you be privy to a knife collection curated by 10th-century sword makers? Book your room now. QT provides an unparalleled degree of flexibility with all direct bookings until December 2021, as well as waived cancellation fees. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Pascale Bar & Grill at QT Melbourne

Experience QT Melbourne

Bold Rooms at QT Melbourne

Experience QT Melbourne

The Cake Shop at QT Melbourne

Experience QT Melbourne

Tanto at QT Melbourne

Experience QT Melbourne
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