Many decades ago in the modestly sized city of Muro Lucano, Italy, an Australian legend was in the making. Muro Lucano is the birthplace of Antonio Zeccola, film producer and founder/owner of Palace Cinemas. As a young boy, Antonio’s father would hire a local church hall for a sole purpose – to screen films for the locals. These films, having undoubtedly expanded and vibrantly coloured Zeccola’s senses of wonder and imagination, sparked a cinephile fire- so to speak – that spread all the way around the world to Melbourne, Australia. Flash to 2021 and Palace Cinemas has well and truly ensconced itself as the pinnacle of the sophisticated cinema-going experience. In addition to the latest and greatest in new releases, art house and family favourites, Palace Cinemas also offers retrospectives, exclusive event screenings and its renowned cultural film festivals. All cinema locations have been designed and built around the dual pillars of comfort and indulgence, and they all are based on an ages-old value system “that embraces innovation, inspiration, as well as the preservation of family, culture, heritage and leadership”. Of the many and varied venues located throughout the country, two of the standouts may be found in Bayside Council, Palace Brighton Bay Cinemas and Palace Dendy Brighton.

Located at 294 Bay Street, Brighton, Palace Brighton Bay holds the mantle of Melbourne’s flagship art-house cinema. Four stylish cinemas are accompanied by a luxurious foyer space which includes a bar offering premium beer and wine, barista-prepared Lavazza coffee and classic homemade choc tops. Yes, indeed, you read that correctly – homemade choc tops. Tick! If you are a food-with-wine type of person, a selection of gourmet alimentary delights is also available. Tick! Possibly of utmost note, drinks are permitted in the cinemas. Tick! The foyer is the ideal location to host your next pre-film catch-up and/or post-film debrief. Palace Brighton Bay is a self-proclaimed “oasis for cinephiles”. Here, the best in local and international art-house films are at your fingertips year round. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself surrounded by those who share a similar aesthetic appreciation for all things with an independent-movie orientation, then Palace Brighton Bay is your go-to for events, cinema hire and group bookings. The journey commences daily 15 minutes prior to the first session and concludes 30 minutes after the final session. 

Palace Brighton Bay

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Palace Dendy Brighton

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The second of Palace’s Bayside locations may be found at 26 Church Street, Brighton. Palace Dendy Brighton has been described as a “modernist jewel”, and it precisely captures the urbane atmosphere imbued by the hustle and bustle of Church Street. It is renowned as one of Melbourne’s quality cinema locations, featuring five contemporary cinemas and a modern café, wine bar and espresso bar for both pre-film and post-film relaxation. The food, not surprisingly, is delicious and well portioned. The staff, not surprisingly, is friendly, helpful and willing to go that little bit further in order to ensure that guests are given an “at-home” experience. Unlike its Bay Street counterpart, however, Palace Dendy Brighton offers a carefully curated program of quality new-release mainstream titles and family favourites. As a matter of fact, this particular outlet prides itself on its family-friendly appeal. In other words, the next time you are in need of a satisfying afternoon or evening excursion for the little people in your life, Palace Dendy Brighton will deliver, guaranteed. Opening and closing times are the same as Palace Brighton Bay, and this venue is also available for events, cinema hire and group bookings. 

Finally, it is very much worth mentioning that should you find Palace Cinemas becoming a recurring booking in your entertainment schedule, it would be wise to consider its Movie Club membership. By and far, it is the best-value Palace experience, complete with special offers and rewards, like discounted tickets, complimentary tickets(for Premium tier), complimentary birthday tickets for you and a guest (for Premium tier) and exclusive access to special events. Additional savings and rewards are also available. What more could a film-loving heart desire?!    

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