“We believe it is possible to enjoy luxury without compromising the environment or people in the process.”

Money is energy. Responsible spending creates a far-reaching constructive ripple effect, whereas irresponsible spending creates the opposite. It is as simple as that. These dynamics result from the reality of global interdependence, and consumer power is very integral in manifesting the world in which all living things exist. Take, for example, the garment and fashion industry. Currently, the fast-fashion industry is disturbingly saturated. Furthermore, many who support this industry are ignorant to the detrimental effects wreaked by these throw-away garments on the environment and the workers who manufacture them. Cheap clothing and all of their associated by-products pollute the air, water and soil and directly contribute to a devastating number of negative health outcomes. Poor garment quality coupled with a high cost to workers’ lives result in a lose-lose for all involved. Just ask Mel Lechte. Lechte worked for years in the corporate rag industry and grew increasingly tired of and disillusioned by the profits-before-people-and-the-planet mentality. Dissatisfaction was not enough; action had to be taken. As a result, she was inspired to create a clothing brand that cares, gives back to the global community and prioritises ethics over profit. Organic Crew is precisely that brand.

Organic Crew


Organic Crew


Organic Crew


The company’s mission is quite clearly stated: “We started Organic Crew because we believe it is possible to enjoy luxury without compromising the environment or people in the process.” Through the creation of her label, Lechte encourages consumers to ask themselves two questions: Who made my clothes? What are my clothes made of? It is her personal mission to perpetually provoke thought around these topics, and she is passionate and dedicated to making a positive difference in this regard. Organic Crew, “where passion meets purpose”, is a Melbourne-based ethical, sustainable and organic apparel brand that refuses to compromise on quality. Its number one priority is a commitment to sustainable garment manufacturing throughout each and every step of the development process. From the cotton fields of Kolkata, India to the final garment construction, the business ensures that the working conditions throughout the entire manufacturing chain are of the highest industry standard. Each and every garment is made utilising 100% organic cotton, as conventional cotton farming uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world! Being a locally based brand, Organic Crew values local production, particularly its efficiency and high quality. Local production also allows Lechte and her team to oversee every aspect of each developmental stage so as to ensure they meet expectations and ethical standards. On the rare occasion, a higher degree of quality and expertise is required than what is available locally. The result is to look to other global locations with the essential certifications: organic, ethical, Fair Trade.

Speaking of certifications, Organic Crew, itself, has earned the following essentials: Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), Ethical Clothing Australia and Fair Trade. This is a testament to the fact that Mel Lechte maintains 100% transparency about the practices in which she and her company engage. She and her team are proud to be creating a brand and a movement that represent passion and purpose, and this is reflected in the encouragement to “wear your values”. The brand’s mantra is concise and urges the consumer to be proactive: “Be informed, be involved and make a difference.” It is a mantra that Lechte inherited from the late John Bell, then CEO of Esprit de Corp, during her early garment industry days and has transformed it into a label that chooses positivity over negativity, construction over destruction and people and the planet over profits. “We love what we are doing, and we trust you will love what we create.”

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