Over 10 years ago, a chance meeting planted the seed for a currently fully fledged local business venture. For, it was in 2011 that friends-to-be Nat Wheeler and Kristy Sadlier crossed paths for the first time within their local mothers’ group. It was quickly discovered that Wheeler and Sadlier shared far more than the life-altering experience of becoming new mothers. Additionally, the duo bonded through their mutual respect and admiration of the Scandinavian design aesthetic. Hours upon hours spent reading numerous Scandi blogs and interior magazines – keep in mind, Instagram was launched in October 2010, so it was very much in its early stages – resulted in a common discovery. Despite their rich history, worldwide popularity and innovative spirit, these beautiful Scandinavian-inspired products were not easily accessible in Australia. Not long after this realisation, Wheeler and Sadlier followed their hearts and decided to set up an online store, with norsu.com.au launched in late 2013. Norsu, Finnish for “elephant”, began by specialising in primarily emerging designers from the Nordic region. The friends-turned-business partners were thrilled to discover that they were surrounded by a large and thriving similarly design-minded audience. A year later, in 2014, Nat and Kristy were beyond excited to open their first bricks-and-mortar retail store and artLAB in Malvern East. Since then, Norsu has not looked back, continuing to grow and adapt to meet all of its clients’ needs.

A perfect example of the company’s commitment to evolution is the emergence of norsuHOME stylingLAB in 2019 as a direct result of the renovation of Nat’s family home. The norsuHOME stylingLAB is a service which includes both interior styling and interior design. The interior-styling arm is designed for clients seeking advice with the selection of soft furnishings, furniture, accessories, lighting and art for any and all living spaces. An experienced team creates a variety of digital concept boards that provide a clear and concise vision of each individual space, encompassing images of all selections, fabrics and materials and to-scale floorplans that illustrate precisely how the styled pieces will occupy the corresponding areas. Providing a seamless complement to the interior-styling component, the Norsu Interior Design department assists clients with more involved works – renovations, new builds and kitchen/bathroom revamps. Breaking up the project into stages and working alongside draftspeople and builders, the design team guides you every step of the journey by envisioning and bringing to fruition floorplans that ensure a functional fit for your everyday needs. Again, digital concept boards give the client a reassuringly clear insight into each space via technical drawings, recommended fittings and fixtures and a selection of inspirational images – that is, ideas that may transport you from the known and comfortable to the unimaginably fulfilling. With norsuHOME stylingLAB, anything is possible.

When not “Norsu’ing”, you will find Nat and Kristy spending precious time with their respective families. Mind you, this is not the default setting; this is THE setting. Ultimately, it is the importance and magic of family which aligned these friends and business partners from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, their same-aged children, Annabel and Lachy, are self-confessed best friends. Coincidence? Most likely not. It is with the same respect and reverence for their nuclear families that Nat and Kristy connect with their wider audience. One of the most appreciated aspects of their bricks-and-mortar retails stores – yes, “stores” plural – is that the partners have the opportunity to meet clients from all over the world in a face-to-face environment. Furthermore, local and international customers, alike, are encouraged to contact Norsu online or via phone. Norsu Interiors’ mission is to provide access to a wide variety of unique and exclusive art, homewares and design services, a variety that possesses the power to transform a mere house into an extraordinary home.

Join the Norsu family today by visiting its stores at 148 Burke Road, Malvern East, and 468 Hampton Street, Hampton.

Norsu Interiors, Hampton

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Norsu Interiors, Hampton

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Norsu Interiors, Hampton

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