To conclude our #AtHomeWithKB COVID-19 content series, we thought it fitting, now that Victoria has opened up again, to feature Peter Sadler Removalists and Logistics so that you can #MoveHomewithKB now too! So without further ado . . .

The big moment has finally arrived – moving day is here! The doorbell sings its melodious ring, and your excitement and anticipation crescendo as you witness the removalists outside your soon-to-be home of old. Undoubtedly, the journey leading up to this day has been filled with its fair share of stress. This stress is an unavoidable side effect of moving home; however, it is not necessarily a bad side effect, as it is an indication of the degree of care and effort that have been invested in your preparations. As a result, the moving experience does not have to be daunting. Rather, it can be viewed as a challenge to be met, head on, the successful negotiation of which will deliver you to a new and fresh chapter of your life.

Like many processes requiring experience and knowledge, moving home is very much a skill. Some people and families do it very well. For example, frequent relocations – for some, this can be an annual event – often lead to highly skilled and trained movers. For others, though, this journey can be a difficult one. Imagine having lived in the same house for decades, collecting memories of life’s major moments in the same physical space. As such, there are varying degrees of sentimental value that have been accrued among the personal possessions to be transferred. In other words, often times, personal possessions transcend mere things, requiring a delicate and mindful degree of handling. A good removalist company knows this and respects this. Peter Sadler Removals and Logistics is one such company. Peter Sadler is a highly experienced outfit that delivers not only exceptional value to its clients, but also the necessary level of understanding and friendliness. Professionalism is imbued in every unique job that Peter Sadler completes. In addition to the professional aspect, there is much, much more. For example, this premier removalist service offers some very helpful and practical advice to help ensure that the lead-up to the big day is as smooth and successful as possible.

First, it is of the utmost importance that you are open and transparent when booking your removalist company. In order to be adequately prepared, the movers need to know what is expected from the job. Second, be patient and calm. Remember, movers move; and they often do it daily. This means there are rarely situations that arise with which movers do not have the requisite experience. Third, use boxes whenever possible. While common alternatives, such as plastic tubs, may seem like viable options, they are not ideal for stacking, as they are not designed to bear weight. Fourth, things such as bed bolts, cords for televisions and stereos, remotes, casters and other small items should be retained by the client. Next, if you are planning to send certain items to storage, proper materials should be acquired for dust protection and for potential extended stacking protection. Regarding chests of drawers, they should always be emptied for optimal safe transit. Finally, clients moving from or into high-rise buildings need to be aware that the loading dock cut-off time is often 4pm. Similarly, if items are being sent to storage, familiarity with the storage facility’s opening and closing times is essential. Moving home is a multi-faceted process, but following the aforementioned advice will greatly simplify this process, all thanks to Peter Sadler Removals and Logistics.

Of course, it is worth reminding all potential clients that hiccups are an inevitable part of the moving experience, as is unpredictability. Do not allow this, however, to cause worry – for, this is the very reason why you have taken the due diligence to hire expertly trained professionals, right?! When obstacles do arise, simply speak openly and honestly with the staff members, while also keeping in mind the reality of considerations like time restraints. Peter Sadler Removals and Logistics invite you to call the office at anytime if you have questions regarding this most special and exciting event. Yes, this can be a stressful time, but rest assured knowing that Peter Sadler is ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to deliver the ultimate home-moving experience. 

Please contact Kay & Burton Concierge on 03 9825 2000 or via to engage the services of Peter Sadler Removalists & Logistics. For more information about Kay & Burton Concierge, please visit our website Kay & Burton Concierge.

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