Prioritising our health and wellbeing takes on greater significance as winter draws closer. It’s tempting to hibernate inside, but looking after the mind and body can help stave off those winter blues. Here are some of the Mornington Peninsula’s top health and wellness offerings.

Peninsula Hot Springs wellness program

The Peninsula Hot Springs is one of the region’s biggest drawcards, and in March its wellbeing credentials were further enhanced by the addition of a weekly wellness program. Activities include yoga, pilates and meditation, but there’s an emphasis on unique experiences as well, such as a global bathing journey where worldwide bathing rituals are explored.

Brook Ramage, a health and wellness professional with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, recently took on the venue’s new role of wellness director.

“I really love seeing people make positive changes… educating them and giving them the practical skills to make lifestyle changes,” he says.

The springs’ new program has been in the works for some time and is part of a $13 million expansion that launched last year. Ramage says it’s already being embraced by visitors. One aspect he particularly recommends is the “fire, ice and bathe” activity, which takes guests from freezing plunge pools to geothermal hot springs.

“Some of the profound results I’ve seen through this contrast therapy are really quite stunning,” he observes. “It’s like taking one big energy pill.”

All activities have been designed to focus on mind as well as body, Ramage says.

“Our purpose is to create experiences where people can escape their busy lives… We’re doing things within that theme like forest bathing, a traditional Japanese concept where we take people for a walk through nature.

“What we teach through each workshop is how to deal with stress and anxiety… It’s about getting people to relax, getting them to connect.”


Meditation has so many benefits to our mental, emotional and even physical health. Scientific studies have revealed that regularly meditating can help reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and pain. And as well as minimising what we don’t want, it can nurture what we do want, such as improving quality of sleep and the ability to concentrate. The Peninsula has a range of practitioners, styles and retreats available for those keen to improve their wellbeing through meditation.

Many people dread Mondays, which is why it’s the ideal day to take some time for yourself. On Monday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm, Kadampa Meditation Centre hosts drop-in meditation classes at Currawong Stables Meeting Rooms in Mornington. Beginners and experienced meditators alike are welcome. Classes cost $15 per person.

Jacqui Winstanley is a locally based practitioner who’s been teaching meditation for more than 25 years. From her studio in Red Hill, she runs courses and classes on mindfulness, insight meditation, and more.

Peninsula Mindfulness offers their signature course – ‘Relaxation Meditation and Mindfulness’ – at several locations across the Peninsula, and also share their lessons in primary and secondary schools throughout the region. Attend a retreat in Mount Martha or Mt Eliza, or, if you have a community group, have a course tailor-designed.


Starting a yoga practice is a great way to get the body moving, enhance flexibility and strength, and calm the mind. Though you can do yoga at home, having a teacher to guide and correct poses is the best way to become a proficient yogi.

Silver Leaf Yoga School in Merricks is a purpose-built studio on a four-hectare property, surrounded by landscaped native plants and bushland. It’s a tranquil spot to stretch and flow. Teachers here are trained in Iyengar yoga, which has a focus on alignment (ideal for those wanting to improve their posture). Classes include beginner, intermediate and general, as well as Vinyasa for more experienced students, and antigravity yoga done in hammocks.

In Red Hill, HotHut Yoga is a boutique studio connected to Polperro Winery. With hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and light, airy rooms, it’s an inviting setting. As the name suggests, these are hot yoga classes with rooms warmed between 28-30 degrees to encourage blood flow and aid detoxification.

Images courtesy of Peninsula Hot Springs wellness program & HotHut Yoga

Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness - Fire and Ice - Group experiencing the cold pool

Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness - Indigenous Cultural Walk - Group on walk, looking over to Cape Schanck

HotHut Yoga

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