Have you ever strolled through a home open for inspection and marvelled at the chic furniture and beautiful homewares, wondering how the homeowners did it? It might look effortless but styling a home for sale is an art, and it’s one that property stylist Stacey Moran has carefully honed over the past five years.

Having long worked as a buyer in the homewares industry, Stacey had always had a natural flair for interiors. One day in 2014, she was asked to style a property as a one-off gig. The project was such a success that more work quickly followed. Together with her husband James, who owns furniture company James Moran Furniture, Stacey launched Moran Property Styling.

“Five years later, we have a 3000-square metre warehouse full of stock and a team of over 20 staff,” she says.

Stacey and her team work with a wide variety of properties, from small apartments right through to sprawling, multi-level houses. The majority of their work takes them to residences in Melbourne’s inner-eastern suburbs, but they’ve also been known to style beach-side properties in Port Fairy or Portsea. Finding the right look for each home can be a matter of selecting the best person for the job.

“We try and match the properties to members of our styling team,” Stacey explains. “For example, our younger team members are wonderful at executing our contemporary apartments, while some of our more experienced stylists are dedicated to getting the best look and result for empty nesters downsizing from their large family home.”

Every assignment is given careful thought, with consideration given to the house’s era, the demographic of the neighbourhood and potential buyers, and how the property will be photographed.

“It is also important to consider how prospective buyers will track through the property during open for inspections,” Stacey points out. “Sometimes this means using less furniture to ensure the property feels spacious with many people walking through.”

And of course, the interior design industry is subject to trends, which can also be an influence.

“The interior and furniture market is ever evolving,” says Stacey. “In the past five years we have seen people in the market tend to move away from simple blonde Scandinavian inspired pieces, towards the warmth of luxurious velvet upholstery and metallic finishes.”

Much of Stacey’s work has centred on properties across Armadale and she’s noticed that the genteel blue-ribbon suburb definitely has its own flavour: “Unless the property is a new modern build, the market tends to appreciate a classic contemporary style.”

Appreciative of Stacey’s experience styling homes in the Armadale area, Kay & Burton enlisted Moran Property Styling to design a lounge area in their new Armadale office when it opened late last year. The senior creative team – comprised of Stacey, creative head Sarah Monahan and senior stylist Lucy Cashmore – worked with local gallery Metro to source artwork, and they also curated furniture from leading suppliers.

“We were thrilled to be asked to work alongside them on the project,” Stacey recalls. “Luxe velvet upholstery and beautiful honed marble pieces were used to give the space a feeling of contemporary luxury. Decor items were sought for their relationship with the beautiful artwork by Carlos Barrios, titled A sunny day in Australia.”

The result is a vibrant space, elegant yet comfortable, where customers can relax and feel like they’re in a home rather than an office.

Moran Property Styling continues to grow; they recently launched a new arm of the business called Projects by MPS, to focus exclusively on the development, hotel, and hospitality sectors.

Given all she knows about styling homes, what’s Stacey’s interior design advice for readers who’ve felt that twinge of envy when admiring an open home?

“My number one tip for styling your home would be to create space and de-clutter,” she suggests.

“The importance of space is often overlooked. For example, a bookshelf is more appealing with small ‘stories’ of decorator items and books, than shelves full of paperbacks; a wall with one significant artwork adds more effect than a wall of many mixed pieces.”

The Kay & Burton Armadale Client Experience Room, styled by Moran Property Styling.

Styled by Moran Property Styling

Styled by Moran Property Styling

Styled by Moran Property Styling

Styled by Moran Property Styling

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