It is 6am on a quiet and calm morning. A bright-eyed 5-year-old girl sits with her oma – Dutch for “grandmother” – at a small, round kitchen table, sipping hot tea. The child’s tea is particularly moreish, laden with milk and sugar, while Oma’s tea is considerably more basic – strong and black, just how the Dutch like it. In the centre of the kitchen table, taking pride of place, sits Oma’s copper teapot. This is one of the few items that successfully made the post-WWII journey from her beloved homeland to her new home in Melbourne, Australia. This simple recollection, though seemingly uneventful, is extraordinary in its ordinariness. It is a memory that is imbued with the magic of human interaction and is a reminder that the pleasures of life need not be complicated. In this case, of course, the basic act of drinking a cup of tea is being celebrated. Through this celebration, as well, seeds of inspiration were planted, seeds that finally came to fruition in 2018 with the creation of the Monista Tea Company.

The Monista Tea Company is a luxury loose-leaf tea provider based In Melbourne. Fuelled by childhood inspiration, Monista was born out of friendship and a shared passion for exploring the wonderful world of tea. Co-founders Christa and Monique have combined their years of experience in design, branding and product development with the intent to create, plainly and simply, the most beautiful tea company in the world. Monista offers a range of teas – including black tea, green tea and organic herbal tea – that is hand-blended locally with quality ingredients that have been selected from around the world, including Australia, and one that will enliven every tea occasion with warmth and enjoyment. Christa and Monique invite you to join them in exploring and discovering the world’s most beautiful teas and, ultimately, to “elevate your tea experience”.

Education is very much an integral component to the Monista Tea Company ethos. For example, there is no shame in drinking bagged tea; however, to thoroughly experience the richness and complexity of the Camellia sinensis plant, one must befriend the actual tea leaves, themselves. In a nutshell, comparing the quality of bagged tea versus loose-leaf tea is analogous to comparing cheap sparkling wine to champagne. In other words, there is no comparison. The essential oils extracted from the larger surface area of a full leaf are responsible for a more refreshing, fuller flavour. On the other hand, tea bags typically contain tea dust, fannings and/or broken leaves, resulting in a flavour that is both dull and flat. Furthermore, loose-leaf tea gives the preparer full control over beverage strength. The liquor may be darker or lighter depending on the time of day; this is a very pertinent consideration. As well, drinkers can customise leaf blending, creating a wholly personalised tea experience.

Monista Tea Co.


Monista Tea Co.


Monista Tea Co.


Finally, and arguably the most convincing reason to choose leaves over bags, the actual ritual of brewing a pot of tea is a soothing, relaxing and an accessible way to decompress in today’s fast-paced world. With minimal preparation, this ritual can very easily become a part of one’s daily life – something very much approaching a discipline, if you will. Measuring the leaves, boiling the kettle, steeping the leaves, pouring the liquid and then rewarding the effort by drinking a satisfying cup of self-made tea, invite one to be mindful and fully engaged in the moment and to fully relate with life, if only for a brief period of time. This brewing ritual is the means through which the true magic of tea is revealed, and its utterly beautiful simplicity is available to anyone and everyone. Make Monista Tea Company a part of your everyday life. Stockists include Beatty & Co. (16 Beatty Avenue, Armadale) and Rose St. Trading (1036 High Street, Armadale) or shop online at

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