Michael Meszaros is a national treasure. He is also every bit of a local legend. Born in Melbourne in 1945 and currently residing in Kew, Meszaros commenced making portrait medals at the mere age of 13 under the influence and tutelage of his father, Andor, who was also a professional sculptor. Michael’s paternal grandmother, Bertha, was a sculptress, as well, so it is no surprise that his artistic pedigree manifested at such a young age. While at school, the budding maestro continued to refine his technique in medal portraiture. Meszaros studied architecture at Melbourne University, and it was during this period that he began to experiment with expressive medal making, an abstract and considerably more emotional undertaking. Upon completion of his architecture degree, he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study medallic sculpture at La Scuola Dell’Arte della Medaglia, The School of the Art of the Medal, in the Roman mint in 1969. Upon returning to Australia from Rome in 1970, Beszaros has earned his living as a full-time sculptor for the past 50 years.

During this half-century as a professional artist, Beszaros has produced hundreds of medals – portraits, commissions and exhibition medals – 38 major public and private commissioned sculptures, reliefs, portrait heads and a prolific body of exhibition sculpture. Obviously, commissioned pieces are welcomed and appreciated. Michael enjoys the client liaison and the mutual journey inherent in understanding the subject, reaching the conclusion regarding the subject’s essential elements and, finally, devising a design which expresses that conclusion. This creative process is one that is applied equally to medals, major works and works of scale between these two. Beszaros finds as much enjoyment in producing work for exhibition as he does producing work for sale, regarding these two particular streams as mutually supportive and inspiring.

Michael Meszaros


Michael Meszaros


To his credit, Beszaros has never followed art fashions and has always turned his attention inward – to his thoughts, emotions and perceptions – in order to access the well of personal creativity. By serving as the creative source in regards to ideas, styles and techniques, he experiences a considerably greater degree of expressive freedom, a freedom which naturally results from not being bound by others’ rules and regulations. Another way to say this is that, plainly and simply, Michael Beszaros is an authentic artist. This freedom of expression permits him to work in a wide variety of styles, scales and techniques. By harnessing the energy of the problem-solution process, he is capable of arriving at the desired approach. In addition, a greater number of techniques results in a wider range of idea expression. Of course, the foundation upon which the approaches to all work are based is the discipline of medallic sculpture. It is medallic sculpture which encourages a conciseness and an economy of expression and design.

Beszaros has won a slew of local and international prizes. His creations can be found in many local and international collections, including the British Museum, with major works gracing The United States, Belgium, Japan and Papua New Guinea. He was awarded an OAM in 2012 and has been president of the Association of Sculptors of Victoria 11 times and a Delegate for the International Art Medal Federation, FIDEM, since 1972. Paying homage to his brilliant and ongoing career, Town Hall Gallery – located at 360 Burwood Highway, Hawthorn – is hosting the exhibition ’50 Years as a Sculptor’. The exhibition celebrates Beszaros’ impressively long career as a full-time, self-supporting artist and gives visitors the opportunity to view a collection of medals commissioned for prizes, awards, centenaries and unveilings. More personal works and portraits, created for both private and institutional clients, will also be on show. Michael admits, “I have lived or worked in Boroondara all my life and am thrilled to have a solo show at my local gallery after all these years.” Help celebrate this illustrious artistic career. ’50 Years as a Sculptor’ runs from Tuesday, 3 August, 2021 until Saturday, 25 September, 2021.

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