Kay & Burton Concierge will help take care of you and your property. It’s what we do.

Launched in September 2019, Kay & Burton Concierge started as a great idea that is now developing exponentially, with demand for Concierge services heightening since the onset of COVID-19. The venture captures the mood of people frustrated with finding the right person to take care of their property, whether it’s general maintenance or a specific task. 

Now with eight offices, four in Melbourne and four on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Kay & Burton is ideally located to assist with day-to-day home-related concerns. What could have been a simple styling service for those preparing their homes for sale has blossomed into literally every possible service imaginable: cleaning, for both homes and/or swimming pools, plumbers, pet sitters, electricians, personal butlers and builders. There’s even a ‘wine consultant’ who can survey one’s wine cellar, adjust the temperature, and suggest what’s missing, or, as importantly, advise when a bottle will turn to ‘vinegar’ if not opened by a certain date. “The list of services our partners can provide keeps growing as we hear from our clients about what they need,” says Kate Emerson, Kay & Burton’s Senior Manager Concierge. And rather than people calling and having to leave their numbers on an answering machine, Concierge connects the caller to a dedicated team who can listen to their needs. “We carefully monitor the feedback so that people are confident when we organise specialists on their behalf,” she adds.  

Although cleaning a house and maintaining a garden seem to be obvious Concierge services, Emerson and her team are finding new offshoots to the business every month. There’s the family who prefers to be driven to the airport in their own car, complete with safety seats should they have the children with them. And rather than having to pay considerable costs to leave the car idle in an airport car park, it is returned to their home and safely garaged by the appointed driver. With an expansion into the Mornington Peninsula last November, there are even more partners now added to the Concierge folio. With snakes finding their way into coastal and rural weekenders, a specialty snake catcher can be called to deal with snake removal, something that no homeowner should undertake on their own.

Renovations can also prove arduous, particularly if one’s work schedule is frantic. Whether it’s a modest renovation or the addition of a deck, people can simply contact Concierge to be referred to one of their partners that provide these services. Cleaning may be weekly, fortnightly or even a yearly spring clean. “We regularly get feedback on all the services provided by our partners to ensure they are delivering services to a quality standard,” says Emerson.

One of the growth areas for Concierge referrals is with insurance providers and home lending solutions. These include finding insurance for a boat, a car, or fine art. “It takes considerable time for people to shop around for, and obtain, these services, so having our partners do the shopping around for them not only saves them time but provides opportunity for a securing a more appropriate product,” says Emerson.  During COVID-19, the demand has not only gone up for financial services, with a review of one's current financing being the most in-demand service, but decluttering assistance, utilities reviews, home security and locksmiths, carpet cleaning and at-home catering are also very popular. And before any tradesperson or specialist makes it onto the Kay & Burton list, they are extensively reviewed to ensure they adhere to stringent standards.  

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Please contact Kay & Burton Concierge on 03 9825 2000 or via concierge@kayburton.com.au.

For more information about Kay & Burton Concierge, please visit https://kayburton.com.au/concierge.





Kay & Burton Concierge

"The cleaning service referred by Kay & Burton Concierge made my property feel so very clean and special. I've since replaced my usual cleaner and have now used the Kay & Burton Concierge cleaner three times. They were efficient, professional and went the extra mile." (Kay & Burton Concierge Client, South Yarra)

Kay & Burton Concierge

"Kay & Burton Concierge organised a referral for the re-varnishing of my deck in Hampton to be done quickly and competently prior to the property photographer arriving and its OFIs. The process was easy, smooth and swift." (Kay & Burton Concierge Client, Hampton)

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