Projects director Damon Krongold shares his key takeaways from the world’s biggest real estate event.

Kay & Burton Projects directors Peter Kudelka and Damon Krongold recently attended Inman Connect 2018 – the largest real estate and tech professional conference in the world.

Held every year in San Francisco and New York City, this event educates and inspires real estate and tech professionals about all facets of the modern industry, from marketing to accounting, recruitment, management and networking.

Three key themes of this year’s conference included how advancements in technology are disrupting the traditional real estate model; the significance of agents developing a coordinated social media strategy; and the strength of real estate office franchising within localised communities.

These topics demonstrated the increasing parallels between the real estate and tech industries that form the core of the Inman brand.

“I am firmly of the belief this will continue into the future including Australia,” our director Damon Krongold reports, discussing the growing intertwinement of the real estate and technology sectors.

“The increased costs associated with marketing in today’s global community necessitates a close analysis of each medium’s effectiveness. Such levels of scrutiny of performance must be analysed via data procured from technology based platforms.”

As well as assisting marketing efforts, technology plays an increasing role in supporting real estate agents’ day to day work (such as through apps and websites that help streamline processes) and by agents’ association with the growing smart home sector.

A highlight of this year’s conference was the presentation by British-American author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant Simon Sinek.

Sinek is recognised globally as an expert in leadership and workplace culture. He has written four books, presented the TED talk How great leaders inspire action which has been viewed over 34 million times (making it the third most watched video in TED’s history), gone viral in an interview about Millennials in the workplace, and amassed 437k Twitter followers in the process.

Silicon Valley realtor Ken DeLeon was also a standout presenter. In his talk, the founder of DeLeon Realty discussed his rise to success in the face of adversity (having a family death as a teenager, been in a car accident that almost killed him, and overcoming cancer), which in 2012 saw him become the number one sales person in the United States. DeLeon beat out over a million other agents for this title, recording approximately $275 million in sales volume just nine years into his real estate career and while still being in this 30s.

Both Sinek and DeLeon’s presentations showcased the importance of human connection remaining a significant part of real estate agents’ roles – elements that are unable be recreated by automation.

“I was inspired by the revelation and consistent theme that despite all the technological advancements and interruptions within the real estate sales industry, face-to-face contact and old fashioned respect and values still play a key role in today’s transactional experience,” Krongold says.

These experiences and learnings formed from Inman Connect have been a guiding force for Kay & Burton’s marketing strategy and company culture in 2018, ensuring the agency remains the leading name for innovation, proactivity and overall market awareness.

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