“Authentic design curated for a contemporary lifestyle” – this is how one of Melbourne’s design and style epicentres describes itself, a description that is imbued with both sophisticated yet simple theory, as well as tried-and-true practicality. Located at 19 Morey Street in the leafy eastern suburb of Armadale, In Good Company provides Melburnians with a considered and precise selection of global and local design brands and shares its focus on pieces of well made furniture that seamlessly compliment today’s modern lifestyle. In other words, In Good Company showcases a meticulously curated collection which celebrates the solid principles of good design in a straightforward, open, accessible and simply beautiful way. Aesthetically pleasing and practical furniture design, however, is merely the tip of this showroom’s rather attractive iceberg. Additionally, an exceptional variety of lighting, styling solutions, accessories and artwork is also on offer.

In Good Company is a dream, a shared dream of two passionately design-focused minds, those of Louise and John Bastiras. This dream is the result of an organic fruition that combines over 30 years of experience in the design landscape spectrum of Australia – Louise from one end, John from the other. Having worked with many design collectives, Louise’s experience is grounded in interior architecture. John possesses a background rich in architectural drafting, a passion for furniture design and carpentry. Theirs is a holistic union, undoubtedly, combining Louise’s contract, commercial and theoretical skills with John’s hands-on practicality. Together, from their shared beginnings in Adelaide, they have taken Melbourne design availability to the next level, beyond trend, to a place where simple beauty compliments everyday life.

What of the physicality of the actual showroom space? Think white walls, natural archways and an overwhelming feeling of invitation, all punctuated by an abundance of natural sunlight. So far, so good, right? This is simply the beginning. As one moves further into In Good Company’s warm embrace, one swiftly realises that s/he is walking amongst the European furniture design elite. Do the names Gubi, Muuto, Prostoria, Pandul and Herman Miller ring any bells? If they do not now, they soon will. To note, these are but 5 of over 30 design brands on offer, spanning nearly 20 different types of furniture, pieces ranging from beds to desks to dining tables, even work chairs. To claim In Good Company provides “something for everybody” is a gross understatement. 

Remember, as well, that keeping this exquisite collection of furniture company is an equally impressive variety of lighting, accessories and artwork. Pendant, floor, wall, table and outdoor lights will satisfy even the most finicky. Accessories include clocks, mirrors, rugs and textiles, to name but a few. Currently, In Good Company is celebrating the works of Enzo Mari, the late Italian artist and designer who compiled over 60 years’ worth of work and has been described by Stefano Boeri, President of the Triennale Milano, as “one of the most gifted, original and uncompromising designers of our time”. In cooperation with Danese Milano, In Good Company is representing Mari’s work with his iconic, simple, yet bold, print range.

In Good Company awaits your arrival with open arms. Come and be a part of the Bastiras’ dream, a dream that harmoniously marries the beauty of cutting-edge design with the practicality of day-to-day living. Louise and John will open your mind to the ideas of multi-capacity functions for spaces, an “everyday object” aesthetic, dual-function furniture and genuine interior design, that which makes the best use of the available space – an “economy of space”, if you will. Utilise the meticulously realised dream of In Good Company to transform your own design dream into reality. 

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