“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” For the unfamiliar, this quotation is compliments of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic work of fiction, ‘The Great Gatsby’. Although its precise meaning could be debated ad infinitum, its general mood seems to include a commentary on humanity’s inability to remain fully present with life, often defaulting to the past in an attempt to recreate pleasurable experiences or, perhaps, learn from a monumental mistake. For good or for bad, we are often times overwhelmingly fascinated with the past. As with all perspectives included within collective consciousness, however, if utilised honestly and constructively, an appreciation of the past can, in fact, enrich the present. A beautiful and living example of bridging the past with the present is Melbourne CBD’s newest addition to high-end luxury accommodation, Hilton Little Queen Street. Here, you will literally “experience a journey back in time”.

With its new address at 18 Little Queen Street, and 5 years after closing its previous Melbourne hotel, the Hilton returns with an architecture-driven and design-focused bang. In a nutshell, its latest offering delivers a potent dose of old-school glamour to the CBD and it has done so by restoring and refurbishing one of the city’s grand dames – the Equity Trustees Company building, a heritage-listed former barristers’ chambers. Built in 1931, the Equity Chambers building is Victoria’s oldest continuously occupied barristers’ chambers. Drawing on both Italian Gothic and Exotic Revival architectural styles, an historic edifice such as this provides the perfect environment in which to experience a taste of “time-travel hospitality”. It is recommended that you enter via the Little Queen Street entrance, as you shall be greeted by an undulating and glistening wall of gold-plated chainmail, your portal to the past. Once inside, your eyes will be astounded as you realise that this interior is the result of unsurpassed thoughtfulness and detail orientation. This fact is clear, crystal clear.

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Hilton Little Queen Street

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The hotel is comprised of 244 versatile and purpose-built rooms, with an additional 10 suites to be completed at some point in the near future. Choose from a King Guest Room, King Deluxe Room with city view, King Superior Room, King Premier Room with city view or the more modest Twin Guest Room. Rooms without city views peer out upon a boldly colourful mural, a creation of Fitzroy-based street-art collective Juddy Roller. Either way, the imagination will be working overtime. Each room offers a collection of top-notch amenities, including access to the compact – yet modern and polished – gym. Perhaps most importantly, an unparalleled degree of quiet and seclusion will imbue your stay. In other words, prepare to enjoy all of the benefits of a proper night’s sleep. Of course, before the head hits the pillow, your innate sense of adventure must be indulged. Start with Restaurant Luci, the culinary heart and soul of Hilton Little Queen Street.

Set within the great hall of the Equity Chambers building and opening to a delightful internal courtyard, Restaurant Luci is overseen by Executive Chef Sam Moore. Moore’s menu is based primarily on Italian influences, with an emphasis on Victorian farmers and producers. The food is modern and creative and is set against an ultra-sophisticated backdrop designed by local architect Bates Smart. Enormous geometric chandeliers punctuate the top, and intricate black-and-white marble tiles punctuate the bottom. Rich, plush velvet chairs and booths provide a charming and comfortable touch to the main dining area. Enjoy a pre- and/or post-dinner drink at the dimly lit Douglas Club cocktail bar, positioned at the building’s Bourke Street entrance, and further diversify your glamourous getaway. Be warned, however – stepping back in time into the heart of Hilton Little Queen Street may have you pining for yesteryear and refusing to return to the present. Just ask Jay Gatsby, who would be duly impressed, no doubt.     

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