“It is general knowledge for anyone interested in colour that subdued value, intensity and hue make for quieter, less adventuresome interiors. Stronger approaches need stronger knowledge, more experience and flair.” This quotation is attributed to late American interior designer, professor and painter Van Day Treux, who also long-held the extraordinarily influential position of design director at Tiffany & Co. In addition to the power inherent in the use of colour, Treux also commented on the reflective nature of interiors, in general, with the following: “Interiors speak! Rooms emphasise whether one exists or lives, and there is a great difference between the two!” If Treux’s ideas resonate with your aesthetic sense and the perspective from which you decorate your most sacred space, your home, then it is high time you connect with “a destination to discover rare, unique and bold interiors”. This destination is otherwise known as Fenton & Fenton, and it resides at 471 High Street, Prahran.

Fenton & Fenton is a global collection of eclectic homewares, furniture and art that believes in filling spaces with souvenirs of a life well lived, a personality fully expressed and an imagination fully explored. By carrying pieces that communicate differently with different people and by taking great pleasure in sourcing storytelling items, Fenton & Fenton offers its clients the opportunity to create a wholly personal and unique space, a space that genuinely reflects one’s lived experience. For example, an eye-catching object can easily transform into a bookend and a simple lamp possesses the potential to ignite an in-depth conversation. The showroom exemplifies how a happy mishmash of pieces can create a lighthearted and enjoyable visual backdrop against which one’s home life plays out. In fact, it proves that chaos and balance can harmoniously exist in a very organic and grounded way. This dynamic may also be applied to outdoor spaces. Imagine such a space that blurs the lines between nature and culture, reminding one that humanity is very much an integral part of the natural order, not separate from it. In the beginning and in the end, Fenton & Fenton encourages its customers to “unleash their curiosity” en route to taking a risk and laying claim to something abnormally beautiful. The result of such behaviour is a workable interior, or exterior, that very simply and directly puts one in a good, healthy, wholesome place. It ultimately contributes to building one’s most personal and rewarding project yet – one’s home!

The face behind the treasure trove that is Fenton & Fenton is none other than Lucy Fenton. Fenton possesses a remarkable gift, the ability to recognise universal threads pervading the aesthetics of varying eras and cultures. This gift has enabled her to develop a keen eye for aesthetic innovation, thereby reimagining the universal threads in order to tie together objects and looks, and is responsible for the utterly fresh and unique celebration of beauty that drives Fenton & Fenton. Fenton credits the development of the aesthetic innovation to years of surrounding herself with beautiful interior landscapes both at home and during her extensive travels. She draws on her personal life filled with travel and experiences in order to imbue a vibrant feel to all of her collections. Travel reminds Fenton that she is part of a world filled with people living very, very different lives, and it offers her the opportunity to learn when approached with an open heart and mind. Destinations such as India, Morocco and Guatemala have inspired the Fenton & Fenton style with their culture, colours, craftsmanship, landscapes, textiles and food. In fact, Fenton admits that India, in particular, heavily influenced the decision to take a gamble and open the showroom. In this way, Fenton & Fenton is very much a personal reflection of Lucy’s life. She leads by example when urging her clients to create home interiors based on a life well lived, a personality fully expressed and an imagination fully explored. Allow Fenton & Fenton to help guide you on your design journey to personal discovery.

Lucy Fenton, Fenton & Fenton, Armadale


Fenton & Fenton, Armadale


Fenton & Fenton


Fenton & Fenton, Armadale

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