Are you a woman – or do you know a woman – who is ageless and modern of mind and who possesses a genuine and fierce sense of personal style? How about a woman who has no time for quantity and all the time for quality and who is guided by a strong appreciation of and a strong preference for natural fibres? Do the words “white linen shirt” ring any bells or perhaps set off any alarms when considering the very foundation of a wardrobe? Finally, are you – or your acquaintance – quietly enamoured by a category of hues which includes inky blues, denim, subtle colour pops and all shades of grey and white? Generally and simply speaking, do you love a neutral palette? If affirmations resulted from any or all of the above considerations, the moment has finally arrived for you to transform thought into action and transport yourself to 775 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, the location of your soon-to-be favourite boutique, Eva’s Sunday.

Eva’s Sunday offers a range of longevity-driven garments which are created using high-quality materials and meticulous craftmanship. To quote Founder and CEO Nic MacIsaac, “Fast and disposable is not our thing.” MacIsaac is committed to quality and integrity at each and every stage of the manufacturing process, thereby designing and creating pieces intended to literally last a lifetime. Interestingly, unlike the overwhelming majority of fashion labels, Eva’s Sunday consistently designs and releases new ranges throughout the year, avoiding the strict – and often boring – adherence to the seasonal approach to garment design. This is made possible via the use of natural fibres, primarily linen, to devise a range of clothing that can be layered up or down as a function of climate. This perspective is quite brilliant, really. On the one hand, each individual piece can stand alone in its own right. On the other hand, taken as a whole, the Eva’s Sunday collection is entirely interconnected through a signature look, quality and colour palette. This interconnectedness allows each individual garment to work seamlessly across all seasons. The overall result is a sustained experience of comfort, flow, and practicality, not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that your choices are supporting an eco-friendly enterprise.

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The latest and greatest capsule collection is entitled The Periwinkle Collection. Incorporating Liberty prints, linen and silk and boasting beautiful textures, flowing silhouettes and thoughtful details, this recently released range contains six brand-new pieces from the Eva’s Sunday design team. The addition of a special selection of fabrics, handmade accessories – think Liberty flower brooches – and the fact that the entire collection has been designed and made in Australia, will see you stylishly and effortlessly transition into winter 2021. What’s more, considering that sewing rooms exist above the Glenferrie Road bricks-and-mortar shop, your selections from The Periwinkle Collection have most likely been designed, cut and sewn in virtually your own backyard. It is not possible to flex your “shop locally” muscles any more effectively than this!

It is worth noting, as well, that Eva’s Sunday offers a wide range of local and international accessories, equally as functional and practical, to complement its clothing range. These include bags, wallets, jewellery, haberdashery, headbands, scarves, even footwear. A highlight is the line from Madagascar-based French designer Sophie Digard, whose selection of brooches, scarves and bags/totes are described as “investment pieces to own, wear and cherish, each one with a unique, heirloom quality, which means it will be with you forever to enjoy”. This is a perfect match, indeed – lifelong accessories to accompany lifelong garments. Some might even go as far as to portray this as a match made in fashion heaven. Visit Eva’s Sunday, and find out for yourself.

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