Located at 167 Flinders Lane is arguably Australia’s pre-eminent collection of unique, handmade jewellery crafted by a carefully curated selection of artists and designers. This local gallery, e.g.etal, is a 22-year-old Melburnian icon which possesses an international focus, delivering world-class jewellery design and craftsmanship to collectors worldwide. Each e.g.etal piece is simultaneously unique and alike, one-of-a-kind pieces that share the foundation of being carefully conceived, beautifully crafted and sincerely passed on. This ever-growing collection of contemporary jewellery is the realisation of a constantly evolving roster of designers and makers working primarily throughout Australia and New Zealand, with occasional international guests adding to the diversity, as well. e.g.etal and all of its associated artisans respectfully acknowledge the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their custodianship of the lands and waterways, and they pay their respects to all of the Elders past, present and emerging.

With products ranging from beautiful paper brooches through to stunning and luxurious diamond engagement and wedding rings, e.g.etal artists are chosen based on their innovative designs which contain remarkable breadth and depth. If customisation is to your liking, the individual designers accommodate a range of requests from clients, including the addition of gemstones, a slightly altered surface treatment and the development and creation of a completely new design. The custom pieces are successfully achieved all the while maintaining the unique vision of each artist. The gallery’s hive of collective creativity is nurtured and supported via a vibrant exhibition program, and emerging talent is discovered through an annual Student Graduate Award. These initiatives ensure that the e.g.etal  catalogue is forever cutting edge and fresh with new, surprising and seductive pieces. Currently, roughly 60 artists are represented by the gallery. One artist, in particular, has recently unveiled a new collection, a collection worth deep-diving into so as to understand and appreciate the degree of effort and creativity required to be a part of the illustrious e.g.etal team.

When the world shifts seismically and the earth rumbles beneath our feet, artist-designer of the moment Sarah Heyward grounds us with her latest body of work, ‘FORCES’, part of e.g.etal’s Craft Contemporary 2021. Heyward states, “I am interested in perspective – how we see the world and ourselves within it.” As such, each piece of the ‘FORCES’ collection is imbued with not only Heyward’s incredible talents but with a touch of interstellar magic, as well. The theme of creativity as a space for understanding and reflection is a prominent one. Rough Argyle diamonds from the Kimberley are exclusively featured due to their engaging raw nature and uniqueness. They are the results of thousands of years of pressure upon pressure, of Mother Nature’s patient and deliberate work in creating the beauty of the natural world. Argyle diamonds are, after all, precious imperfect pieces of the earth that are very much worthy of attention, appreciation and celebration. ‘FORCES’ provides an insight into the influences, both great and small, around us which are ultimately out of our control. Heyward’s perspective informs a very personal expression, particularly in relation to the events of the past two years. In the infinite spaciousness which contains all of the manifestations of creation and destruction, the galactic landscape is regarded as an endless source of inspiration. It is with this inspiration that Heyward hopes her clients discover the appreciation of the natural form of the diamond that is celebrated in ‘FORCES’  and of the spontaneity of the fusion techniques used, which result in different outcomes each time. Finally, Sarah Heyward shares her ultimate wish: “I hope the wearer is given some stability in the face of the forces which act upon us.” Visit e.g.etal either in person or online and allow ‘FORCES’ to challenge the ways you see and interpret modern-day jewellery.

e.g.etal, Melbourne


e.g.etal, Melbourne


e.g.etal, Melbourne

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