The principles that guide the award-winning, Windsor-based interior design studio GOLDEN push the boundaries of what we traditionally view to be exceptional design. ‘Holistic’ might be the neatest way to summarise the GOLDEN approach: their intention is to go beyond the aesthetic and functional, and create environments that provide a sensory experience to enhance wellbeing. If the name GOLDEN connotes feelings of warmth, radiance, and unique quality, this is exactly how their portfolio of commercial and residential projects can be described.

Formerly known as We Are Huntly, practice founders Alicia McKimm and Kylie Dorotic rebranded the studio in 2017 as their team grew, and they developed a more mature and distinctive identity. Now a close-knit team of seven, what really sets GOLDEN apart is their shared belief that the spaces we inhabit should be deeply felt. As interior Designer Ellen Hodson explains, “We have a strong desire to contribute to a better quality of life.”

Take the interiors GOLDEN produced for yoga and wellness studios Warrior One in Mordialloc, and Sum of Us in Prahran, for example. These calming retreats heighten the visitor experience from the moment of arrival to departure, providing “a welcoming bright space with warmth through the use of texture rather than bold colour.” Timber details, circular iconography, and oversized, disc-like light fixtures all add to the tranquil ambience.

GOLDEN have a knack for creating intelligent interiors that connect with the energy of a building. Consider Armadale café Moby, whose vibrant personality “takes cues from its existing late 70’s shell by celebrating the curve of the iconic arch on the corner facade, which frames the Tuscan pink render and colour-blocked teal within the interior.” Would a starker, more futuristic concept have been as successful? One thinks not, as the retro palette furnishes an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere. Such is the magic of GOLDEN, whose designs are consistently approachable, and harmonious with the intent of the premises.

This refreshing ability to produce spaces that are at once highly considered and contemporary, but also unpretentious and inviting, also extends to their work in private residences. A client in South Yarra recently moved into an apartment they had bought off the plan, but didn't feel reflected it their character. Inspired by the adaptability of gallery-like spaces, GOLDEN used bespoke joinery insertions to construct flexible interiors that could be personalised with artworks and objects from predominantly local designers and artisans. The result is sophisticated and intimate- a perfect haven for entertaining.

Look out for GOLDEN’s upcoming work rebranding the iconic Laurent bakeries, or make an appointment to learn more.

3/40 Green Street,
Windsor, 3181
+61 3 9017 2005

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