One in four Victorians are now renting and their numbers are rising. Higher volumes of tenancy and residents’ disputes has led to bottlenecks at VCAT, compelling the Victorian Government to undertake a review of the Residential Tenancies Act. In a nutshell, the review means a shift toward giving tenants more rights. A new Commissioner for Residential Tenancies will monitor the rental sector while the Government considers further changes.

At this stage the changes are proposed and would be expected to be passed through parliament in 2018.

It’s our view these changes unfairly reduce the rights and security of a landlord over their significant financial investment. This makes property investment less attractive thus reducing rental stock and ultimately driving up rents. Meanwhile, landlords may be be warier in selecting tenants making it harder for renters to secure a property – all this at a time of unprecedented population growth.

For more information about the proposed reforms, visit the Rent Fair Victoria website or call us here at Kay & Burton.

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