“We were truly delighted with the result”
Graeme, Kay & Burton Client

A case study in the successful property marketing of 191 Waterfall Gully Road, Rosebud c/o Kay & Burton Director Andrew Hines.


Although the auction of this property was scheduled to be onsite, a lockdown due to COVID-19 meant the first two weeks allowed for onsite inspections, with the last two, including the auction on Sunday 15 August by Zoom. Purchased by the vendors, Graeme and Kerri, 31 years ago, the large allotment of 36 acres (unique in this area) now required too much maintenance although two-thirds of this property is covered in natural bushland. With views over Bass Strait and bordered by a national park, it was the generous dimensions of the plot and its aspect that attracted interest rather than the fairly rudimentary 1970s house. With controls that prevent the property from being developed, the options were either to renovate the existing house or build a new one. Coincidently, the purchasers, a couple with small children, are still unsure which direction they will take.

Andrew Hines, director of Kay & Burton’s Flinders’ office was aiming for a sale of $3 million and achieved $3,483,000 on the day of the auction.


A name makes a huge difference to the price. And while Kay & Burton listed the location in the main advertisement as Rosebud, a legal requirement given its official address, digital showcase ads were placed adjacent to this that brought up this property when one searched for Main Ridge or Sorrento. There were three digital sources used: domain.com.au, kayandburton.com.au and realestate.com.au. No print advertisements were included. And rather than focus on the house, the campaign highlighted the impressive views over Bass Strait, the privacy of being surrounded by bushland and the sense of being in a highly secluded domain so close to Melbourne and other nearby townships (such as Sorrento and Portsea). “As predicted, no one clicked on the advertisements for Rosebud, with those showing interest coming from Portsea, Sorrento and also from Melbourne looking for a sea change,” says Andrew.

Days on the Market

This was a standard four-week campaign with the first two weeks showing people through the property literally every day of the week, but in smaller groups. Due to a sudden lockdown, inspections for the last two weeks and the auction were held via Zoom.

The Buzz

There were five interested parties, with an opening bid of $3.1 million which left only two of the five contesting the property. “There were $5,000 rises by one of the bidders, who soon increased this to $10,000 increments, while the other, the successful bidder, was more cautious, with only $1,000 rises,” says Andrew.

191 Waterfall Gully Road, Rosebud

191 Waterfall Gully Road, Rosebud

191 Waterfall Gully Road, Rosebud

191 Waterfall Gully Road, Rosebud

191 Waterfall Gully Road, Rosebud

191 Waterfall Gully Road, Rosebud

The Vendors

The vendors Graeme and his wife Kerri, had lived at this property for 31 years, having moved from their former home in Beaumaris. Their experience of selling through a real estate agent was limited, with their previous home selling to a friend of a friend after the couple obtained two estimates from two real estate companies. Now with adult children, one who lives overseas, they had started to think about their next move. “Kerri and I had been talking about selling for the last few years, looking for something smaller with less maintenance,” says Graeme. Given his limited experience with agents, a friend of his son’s recommended Kay & Burton and in particular, Andrew Hines, who he knew. “We obtained two estimates and two figures for the commission. Kay & Burton was realistic about the price, and also came in with a better commission,” he adds.

The Benefits

Kay & Burton have a strong network on the Mornington Peninsula and have a track record of selling properties at the higher end of the market. “Kerri and I felt they understood the market, where we were coming from and shared similar values,” says Graeme.


“It was a difficult process given half the sales period was in lockdown,” says Graeme, who was initially keen to include some advertisements in print. “The cost was extremely high so we went with Andrew’s suggestion for completely digital advertising.” And while the couple didn’t touch a leaf in the state forest, they did prune back a couple of trees on their property, as suggested by Andrew, to embrace the panoramic views, from the light house at Airey’s Inlet to the Otway Ranges. “Many of our friends looked at our property with a new perspective."

Top 3 Things

  1. Andrew gained our confidence. He has a lovely approach that gives you that assurance that things will be right on the day.
  2. He’s an excellent communicator so we knew where we stood at every part of the ‘journey’. Andrew would often say that we would “get tired of him ringing every day, which we certainly didn’t!
  3. I appreciated the way Andrew made everyone feel comfortable at the Zoom auction. He opened up by talking about the football. You could see that everyone became more at ease.

“We were truly delighted with the result, particularly given it was via Zoom,” adds Graeme.

For advice regarding your property, contact Andrew Hines on 0400 630 630 or via ahines@kayburton.com.au

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