Thinking of a sea change in 2021?

More and more talented people are choosing to live and work on the Mornington Peninsula. If this year has taught us anything, it's that working remotely or adapting a business is entirely possible to achieve that coveted work-life balance.

Capra Designs is one such business. The brainchild of Bianca Lambert and Thomas Wilson, Capra Designs went from strength to strength after a move from inner-city Abbotsford to Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula.

The studio creates unique Australian designed resin pots and vessels and modernist-inspired plant stands and hangers. The label values thoughtful design, high quality workmanship, originality and a light hearted work environment.

Officially launched in 2015, three months after the birth of their first child, Banjo, Bianca and Tom have successfully grown their business into a global enterprise, with the sought after designs now stocked in Australia, USA, Canada and throughout Asia.

The couple chose to relocate to Flinders to improve their lifestyle, invest in Capra Designs and raise their family, which now includes 7 month old daughter, Etta.

"I was working long hours in a senior marketing role within the arts sector. Tom is a carpenter by trade, specialising in luxury houses with high end modern finishes. As avid hands-on creators, in our spare time we were making designs to house our own indoor plant collection and identified a gap in the market.”

"'We predicted the growth in popularity for indoor plants and the need for more interesting pots and stands to feature in interior design. Capra Designs was born.”

"Soon after launching the business, we made the decision to move to Flinders for our family essentially, but importantly, we determined that we could grow Capra Designs there too - that was critical in our decision.”

"The move has benefitted everyone. Banjo loves going to the local pre-school and we feel part of a fabulous community. Given the growth and investment in the development of high-end property on the Mornington Peninsula, Tom has been able to continue his work too.”

"We're all inspired by our physical environment - the many beaches, national parks and bush trails. My designs have certainly drawn from the environment too - the colours, shapes and general aesthetic. It goes without saying Tom and I also appreciate the wineries and dining options. I'm amazed that we live in an area which has such a rural and coastal feel, yet is only an hour from the city."

Capra Designs has recently launched its 'Sol' collection, named after the Roman god of the sun, and a collaboration with architecture graduate Juliette Gambert.

The bold new range of resin planters is all about simplistic, eye-catching forms inspired by Roman architecture. Each piece is designed to be collected and to complement other pieces in the range.

The stunning take on primary colours (golden, neptune, terracotta and emerald), as well as some softer neutral tones (fossil and stone), will add interest to any home in multifunctional forms - the Sol Planter can be featured as a striking bookend.

Given the collection has been showcased in several interior design publications, and is handcrafted in small batches to minimise waste and maximise quality, the ‘Sol’ collection is already in high demand and likely to sell out.

Reflecting on the fact she runs a successful global business from her home in Flinders, and now occupies warehousing in Rosebud, Bianca jokes they were ahead of the game with their decision to make a sea change several years ago.

“I think some people thought we were crazy to move from the city, but when talking to those same people today, and especially after the year we’ve endured, they’re envious of the balance we’ve been able to achieve. Some are contemplating a sea or tree change themselves.”

If the current demand for property in the region is anything to go by, the Capra Designs duo not only saw a gap in the homewares market, but also predicted a trend in the way we can work and live.

The Capra Designs range can be viewed at

courtesy Capra Designs

courtesy Capra Designs

Photography by Eve Wilson

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