Kay & Burton Director Gowan Stubbings explains the importance of supporting local communities

For almost 80 years Kay & Burton’s philosophy has been deeply rooted in community. As Director Gowan Stubbings explains, “We are delighted to foster thriving neighbourhoods by supporting local clubs and community groups. I have met so many wonderful people watching my three kids play weekend sport, and it is important to ensure these largely volunteer-run activities are able to operate and grow.”

Kay & Burton is the current major sponsor of the Camberwell Malvern Little Athletics Centre (CMLAC), an athletics carnival for 5-15 year olds that takes places on Saturday mornings from October to March at Kooyong Park’s Righetti and McAlpine Ovals. Athletes are all encouraged to ‘have a go’, and compete with their friends while learning the numerous disciplines of athletics; including running (sprinting, hurdles, endurance running), jumping (long jump, high jump, triple jump) and throwing (discuss, shot put, javelin). Stubbings’ children have all been involved, which was how the relationship with Kay & Burton initially came about. 

“The atmosphere down at Little Aths is just fantastic. Events are run in a very positive manner - regardless of ability - and lots of parents play a role in facilitating the events. It is a great example of the community coming together and having a good time. Whether spectating or participating, everyone is interacting, and there is a strong sense of camaraderie.”

Little Athletes all have one goal, and that is to achieve their own personal bests. The statewide motto for Little Aths is ‘Family, Fun & Fitness’ - and the Camberwell-Malvern branch certainly demonstrates these values. The team spirit is palpable.
Over the years, Stubbings has coordinated support for Malvern Central School, Red Hill Football Club, and Nippers in various ways for the same reasons. “A big part of what we do at Kay & Burton is understanding people and places, and what makes them tick. It makes sense that we socialise and connect with the community outside of the workplace. Not only do we have a duty to contribute something back to the regions in which we trade, we take great pleasure in doing so.”  

To learn more about CMLAC or to get involved, visit www.camberwellmalvernlac.com.au.


*image credit: camberwellmalvernlac.com.au

Camberwell Malvern Little Athletics Centre

Kay & Burton is proud to be the major sponsor of Camberwell Malvern Little Athletics Centre

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