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The winning formula to designing your dream bathroom!

You are probably not alone if, during this period of isolation, you have realised that there are several improvements that you would like to make to your home to create the home of your dreams. At smarterBATHROOMS+, they thrive on collaborating with clients to create a home that you want to come home to (or remain isolated in!), and one of the most important spaces in a happy home is the bathroom. 

Full bathroom renovation 

If you are ready to create the bathroom of your dreams, then engaging with a turn-key renovation company is the perfect place to start. A bathroom renovation with a ‘one stop shop’ approach means that the all-inclusive cost covers the bathroom design, demolition of the existing space, supply and installation of new materials, fixtures and fittings, changes to the layout, relocating the lighting and plumbing, additional cabinetry options, all with the required onsite trades and project management. 

Create a Pinterest board 

Start by getting inspired! This is the fun part of creating your dream bathroom. Look at images of different styles, layouts, handles, tiles, cabinetry finishes and colours – the ideas and inspiration you can source from Pinterest really are endless. The whole family can get involved too! Every member of the family can start a board, so collectively you understand what everyone’s dream bathroom comprises. 

Take note of how you and your family use the space

Thanks to isolation, you have likely developed an increased awareness of how you and your family use your bathroom spaces, so use it to your advantage. Start to observe which family member takes out every possible product when using the bathroom or how many people are crammed around the mirror in the bathroom at any one time? Do your children fight for space in the bathroom? Is there enough storage? This insight into how your family uses the space will help ensure that your new design can best service everyone’s needs.

What are your “must-haves”?

Take the time to think about what changes you might like to make to your existing bathroom, factoring in possible future lifestyle changes as well. Write down the top three things you do in your bathroom, as well as your must-haves, and work with your interior designer to respond to your needs and ensure that your bathroom is fully functional. 

What smart storage solutions are you including?

Start by listing everything that you store in your bathroom, from towels to cleaning products and every cleanser in between. Discuss smart storage systems with your designer to suit your unique needs. Simple solutions, such as a recessed shelf in your shower and bath area, for example, will make your morning routine a breeze.

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smarterBATHROOMS+ (image c/o Tom Roe Photography)

smarterBATHROOMS+ (image c/o Tom Roe Photography)

smarterBATHROOMS+ (image c/o Tom Roe Photography)

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