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Art is often thought to be one of the least utilitarian things in society, a luxurious afterthought to every other commodity. Ironically, art often outlasts the civilization that produces it and says more about it than any other trade or business can. Moreover, it is in times of the greatest distress and upheaval that the most profound art is produced. Without the Industrial Revolution, The Fighting Temeraire would never have been painted by Turner. Were it not for the horrors of World War II, then perhaps Francis Bacon would never have painted his screaming portrait of Pope Innocent X. Rather than discarding artists during a catastrophe, we should instead nurture them.

The ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic has rendered the market stagnant and put creatives all over the world in a difficult situation. Metro Gallery is encouraging us all to continue supporting artists. By the same token, however, take this time to understand how art can support you. Very often we do not have the time to meditate upon paintings or sculptures for extended periods of time. Now, in isolation, we do and if anyone is able to articulate and make sense of these difficult times, it is the artists who are living through it with you. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic, though devastating and tragic, has allowed us time to indulge in the Arts. During isolation, find someone whose work speaks to you. Follow them on Instagram. Perhaps order a print or book on their art from Metro Gallery. Above all, never forget to support local artists. 

Metro Gallery 
1214 High Street,
Armadale, Victoria 3143
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Aidan Weichard is a Melbourne-based artist, whose creative process is ever-evolving, with the constant being his subject matter. Native Australian flora and fauna are commonly depicted in Weichard’s works and are symbolic of his affection toward the Australian landscape.

Aidan Weichard's ‘Memories Take Flight’ is a series of works that explores the concept of memory. Twelve individual works look at how we form new memories, store them, retrieve them, lose them, alter or fabricate them based on our thoughts, dreams and reality.

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