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Our home is our sanctuary, but in rapidly unfolding times, our homes have transformed to be our office, a restaurant, school, fitness club, studio…our world.

In the last few weeks, Kym Lackmann, founder and director of Armadale-based Luxe Domain and author of The Art of Luxury Downsizing, has been running a series of webinars for people who have found themselves responding to an innate need to re-organise just about everything they possess. Psychologists would say that we’re just responding to a need to feel in control of our immediate environment…whatever the case, with proximity and time on our hands, it’s too good an opportunity to pass up.

It’s also a time when we’ve been becoming more mindful of what’s important and we ask ourselves…what do we treasure and what no longer serves us? The functionality and appeal of our home is now more important than ever. 

As a designer, Kym Lackmann has always considered it incredibly important that our homes should not only be beautiful, but they should reflect our autobiography, our journey, travels and our interests. But, it’s also vital that we continue to be dynamic and modern beings who continue to embrace growth, enrichment and the ability to look to the future.

Yes, it is important for us to hang onto items or pieces of furniture that have special meaning, but their ‘value’ will be enhanced when they’re combined with contemporary pieces, finishes and fabrics which will serve to inject context, comfort and new energy.

Now that just about everyone is working from home, this period has highlighted how versatile our home spaces need to be. For many families, the dining table has become the work horse for the entire household, making it challenging to keep clutter and order at bay. In one of her webinars, Kym talks about using baskets or trays for each member of the household to keep their bits and pieces together.

She touches on the importance of establishing routines to give definition to your day, and how adopting the right mindset can make you more productive and give you a real sense of achievement. At day's end, you can come away from where you’ve been working and relax properly in your favourite chair. For others, the home office has become de-rigueur. So has a lovely spot outside to enjoy the last of our autumn sun, versatile furniture and spaces for exercise and meditation. 

Importantly though, this ‘pause’ has given us a real opportunity to consider what our ‘new normal’ might be. Will the traditional emphasis of travelling to the office in some part give way to the more relaxed environment of our home? What is for certain though is that being able to cope with these changes will make us stronger, more tolerant and resilient for the future, and surely that can only be a good thing, right?

For Kym Lackmann's interior design and/or luxury downsizing solutions, please contact Kay & Burton Concierge on 03 9825 2000. During this unusual period Luxe Domain is continuing to help clients to make the most of their spaces and other design related needs, including window furnishings, selection of rugs and furniture, plus joinery design, manufacture and installation. 

Kym Lackmann is the founder and principal designer of Luxe Domain. With two decades of industry experience, Kym has woven her warm and refined style throughout many residential, small commercial and relocation projects. Working at the higher end of the market, Kym is known for her competence and efficiency with a high level of client service and care. Her clients consistently share that they feel confident they’re in the right hands knowing they will get what they need in terms of design, comfort and functionality.

In the last decade, Luxe Domain has experienced first-hand the growing trend in clients looking for expert guidance when downsizing to luxurious apartments or townhouses.

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