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Kay & Burton Concierge partner Keep Calm All Sorted is here to help you keep calm and remain sorted during this unsettling time. Now, we know what you are thinking. How can I keep calm when it feels like the world is falling apart? Before switching to the next Netflix marathon and/or partaking in your seventh coffee for the day, let's consider this further. 

Lockdown is a challenging time and sometimes your home can feel like its caving in on you, not to mention the stresses that come with moving house. It’s no surprise that the services of Keep Calm All Sorted are capturing the attention of more and more people as they attempt to take on the battlefields of clutter that can no longer be shoved under the stairs.

Keep Calm All Sorted is here to help create order in your home and, if requierd, help you move house. 

If it doesn’t bring you joy, throw it out!

Lockdown constantly reminds us of those piles of junk that we know we don’t really need. Don’t panic. Decluttering and reorganising any space in your home is their specialty at Keep Calm All Sorted. They know everyone is different so they tailor each job to your individual needs. Whether it be a single room, kitchen, garage, or wardrobe, you’ll be feeling in control of the space once they are done. 

Preparing for your next move . . .

With over 100 house moves under their belt, the Keep Calm All Sorted team understands the stresses involved in moving. They are experts in decluttering, packing, unpacking and setting up new homes. In addition to basic belongings, they have years of experience in handling precious items, such as artwork, fine crystal, china, and fragile ornaments. They create detailed catalogues of each box’s contents, meaning you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Declutter, Pack, Style, Sold!

Keep Calm All Sorted can also help you keep calm and sorted as you prepare your home for sale. Firstly, they declutter and remove unwanted items, dispose of rubbish, and arrange for storage of treasured possession that may no longer fit in. Secondly, they pack belongings for your new home. They can also style your home so that it’s irresistible to any buyer that walks in! This means rearranging furnishings, sometimes a lick of paint and simple repair work, and of course the finishing touches to make it sparkle. 

Managing bereavement

During times of bereavement, selling the family home can be traumatic. Keep Calm All Sorted will work with you to sort and organise loved one’s belongings to be kept, stored, sold or donated.

Keep Calm All Sorted offers a free no-obligation consultation in person and/or over the phone. Now go and enjoy that Netflix marathon, with a coffee, and they’ll take care of the clutter!

Please contact Kay & Burton Concierge on 03 9825 2000 or via to engage the services of Keep Calm All Sorted. 

For more information about Kay & Burton Concierge, please visit

Keep Calm All Sorted can help you with all your decluttering and moving needs.

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