Hawthorn is well endowed with art deco-style homes and apartments. The entire Urquhart Estate is one of the most intact in Melbourne. This heritage-protected precinct includes English-style revival homes from the 1930s to Californian bungalows built during the two world wars. There are also a number of streamlined modernist homes, ideal for contemporary living. Unlike the Victorian period, where there’s a distinctive architectural ‘thread’ such as wrought-iron balconie, interwar housing from the 1920s and ‘30s is often disparate in style.

1. Alder Court

Location: 25 View Street, Hawthorn

These art deco-style apartments feature bay windows, staggered 1930s-style parapets and cream brickwork around windows and entrances. The four apartments are heritage-listed to ensure that future generations will be able to appreciate these dwelling for years to come. The verdant gardens at Alder Court add a sense of mystique and intrigue from the street.

2. Streamlined Moderne

Location: 28 A Lisson Grove, Hawthorn

This modernist 1930s home, in the highly coveted Lisson Grove, is a fine example of Streamlined Modernism that first appeared in Europe in the early 20th century. Steel-framed windows, curved balconies and porticos are features of this modernist home, surrounded by manicured gardens. Inside, the décor is simple, with elegant and understated details such as open fireplaces. The emphasis here is on fluid and interconnected spaces, ideal for contemporary living.

3. English Revival

Location: 33 Kooyongkoot Road, Hawthorn

Set on 2,800 square metres, this English-revival 1930s home could easily be found in Hampstead Heath, London. Covered in Boston ivy, this palatial red-brick home features a series of distinctive pitched roofs, giving the home a refined and genteel quality. The home’s grand sweeping staircase is a perfect backdrop for the hosts to receive their guests as they arrive. This home is a classic from the 1930s.

4. Lennox Court

Location: 11 Lennox Street, Hawthorn

These streamlined modernist apartments, with their articulated banded brickwork, appear to be in relatively original condition. The distinctive art deco signage and manicured gardens attract those either strolling or driving by. One’s eye is immediately drawn to the staircase towards the rear, located in the central courtyard, acting as a ‘welcome mat’. Offering spacious rooms, ornate ceilings and timber detailing, these ‘crafted’ apartments are eagerly sought out today.

5. 1930s English Revival

Location: 6 Anderson Road, Hawthorn

Originally built in the 1930s, this English revival-style home has been restored and extended by Chan Architecture. From the front, the home features original windows and shutters. However, to the rear, it’s floor-to-ceiling glazing with a strong contemporary edge. The new steel-framed doors used extensively in this renovation allow for natural light and garden views from most vantage points.

Text by Stephen Crafti
Images by Tatjana Pitt

1930s English Revival

1930s English Revival

1930s English Revival

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