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Projects & Developments

Developing a residential project is one of the most challenging, yet highly rewarding, ventures one can undertake. No matter what the size or cost of a project, it has the power to shape lives and landscapes. Kay & Burton understands this better than most.

Kay & Burton’s Projects & Developments division offers a holistic sales, marketing and advisory solution to the development industry, and our multi-disciplinary team is highly respected for its strong knowledge of the Melbourne market, memorable advertising campaigns and extensive buyer networks. Our credentials are unparalleled due to decades of experience, proprietary industry knowledge and an impressive record of sales. We rely on this solid foundation to serve our clients’ interests and provide a seamless experience.

The most beautifully designed development in the world won’t succeed unless the market wants it. This is the great conundrum that faces each developer - how to develop a project that is visionary, with innovative designs, quality materials and yet is still attractive and affordable to the market.

That’s why Kay & Burton is such a powerful partner. Our agents spend an inordinate amount of time talking to buyers, listening to what they want and, just as importantly, what they don’t want. With this kind of feedback, Kay & Burton can help you navigate the fine line between staying true to your vision and delivering a project that is embraced by the market.

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